Dubai –  Dubai Customs has established a wonderful tradition of extending its charitable and volunteer efforts during the holy month of Ramadan to all corners of society. In line with its commitment to sustainability, the government department has rolled out an exciting array of 10 community initiatives designed to spread happiness among its employees and the wider community. This year, their Ramadan campaign is a shining example of the enduring spirit of generosity and kindness that defines the heart and soul of Dubai.

The department's agenda for the month of Ramadan included charitable, community, and awareness-raising initiatives covering various areas of social responsibility that Dubai Customs is committed to. These initiatives included support for low-income families, senior citizens, and laborers, as well as special events and activities for employees.

The events ranged from religious and health lectures, including one on how to "welcome Ramadan," to an employee Ramadan night that included competitions and a religious lecture titled "Nights of Goodness." In addition, the department organized sustainable charity campaigns such as "Ramadan Al-Meer," which will distribute 1,000 boxes of food supplies to low-income families, and "Iftar Sa'em" which will provide approximately 35,000 meals throughout the month at a rate of 1,200 meals per day to laborers.

Other initiatives include hosting a feast for senior citizens, the "Sawa'id Al-Furdah" initiative, providing breakfast for road users before the Maghrib prayer, the "Ramadan Suhoor" initiative with Dubai Customs clients on Zayed Humanitarian Day, and a tolerance lecture for clients. Furthermore, the government department also launched the "Happiness Carnival and Employee Promotions" initiative and the "Eidyat Al-Furdah" initiative.

Khalil Saqr Bin Gharib, the Director of Corporate Communications Department, proudly proclaimed Dubai Customs’ enhanced role in promoting community values during the holy month of Ramadan. By supporting and strengthening the authentic values of the UAE community, Dubai Customs continuously strives towards sustainable societal development. With initiatives like these, Dubai Customs has become a beacon of excellence in corporate social responsibility practices, setting the standard for cultural awareness and compassion.

Last year's Ramadan initiatives alone benefited approximately 43,000 individuals from various backgrounds, including laborers, senior citizens, low-income families, employees, and clients. As Director of Corporate Communications, Khalil Saqr Bin Gharib emphasized the humanitarian value of these initiatives, emphasizing the importance of community engagement and compassion, and reinforcing the culture of giving that is deeply ingrained in the United Arab Emirates.

Dubai Customs' sustainable Ramadan campaign is a remarkable display of their commitment to social responsibility, which is evident in the diverse range of initiatives launched this year. It is heart-warming to see an organization taking concrete steps to make a difference in people's lives and spread joy in the community during this holy month.

Dubai Customs' commitment to upholding and promoting community values is a testament to its dedication to creating a better future for all citizens and residents of the UAE.