Dubai, UAE: Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) has organised several activities in conjunction with International Women in Engineering Day, observed on 23 June each year, to celebrate its female Emirati engineers who contribute to advancing DEWA’s efforts to achieve the vision of the wise leadership and advance society and the UAE across all areas.

DEWA’s celebration of International Women in Engineering Day underlines its commitment to supporting and empowering women, as well as promoting the key role of women in enhancing progress and prosperity across all sectors. Through these initiatives, DEWA elevates the position of Emirati women as pioneers in the engineering fields.

HE Saeed Mohammed Al Tayer, MD & CEO of DEWA, highlighted the importance of women’s participation in achieving the national goals and ambitions. Al Tayer emphasised DEWA’s commitment to providing a supportive environment that unleashes women’s creative capabilities and contributes effectively to achieving DEWA’s objectives.

“We follow the wise leadership’s footsteps in supporting women’s empowerment. We invest in innovation, research, and digital transformation, and utilise the latest disruptive technologies to expand women’s participation in the energy sector and the engineering and technical divisions. We are proud of the UAE’s exceptional achievements in women’s empowerment. We are committed to promoting these gains to realise comprehensive sustainable development and increase the share of clean and renewable energy. This consolidates the UAE’s exceptional global model in including all segments of society to develop this vital sector,” added Al Tayer.

There are 1,939 female employees in DEWA, including 742 female employees in the engineering and technical sector, and many in leadership roles.

“We support the efforts of DEWA’s top management to expand women’s participation in climate action and increase their engagement in the energy and clean and renewable energy sectors, as well as honing the skills of its female employees, especially Emirati female employees and engineers, improving their performance and fostering their creativity and innovation. This consolidates DEWA’s prestigious global position,” said Fatima Al Jokar, Chairperson of DEWA Women’s Committee.

To mark the occasion, DEWA Women’s Committee organised several activities with the participation of DEWA’s Emirati female engineers. The committee held a panel discussion to highlight the experiences of female engineers and their fruitful efforts to enhance DEWA’s global position. The committee also organised brainstorming workshops to review the development opportunities sought after by female engineers, learn about their aspirations and ideas, and ways to consolidate teamwork and enhance women’s developmental and personal capabilities. Moreover, DEWA Women’s Committee launched the fourth edition of “#your day… as an engineer,” focusing on the daily responsibilities of female engineers, their distinguished achievements, and how they overcome challenges and benefit from opportunities.

“DEWA provides equal opportunities for men and women, focusing on empowering women in all positions, from leadership to technical roles. DEWA’s support for women in clean and renewable energy includes creating specialised training programmes and educational workshops to raise awareness and build capabilities. This promotes the technical competencies for women and opens new horizons for innovation in this vital sector. Through these initiatives, DEWA emphasises the important role of women in achieving sustainability and the development of renewable energy resources, as well as enhancing their position as an effective and influential element in technological development and progress,” said Dr Aaesha Alnuaimi, Director of the Innovation Centre at DEWA.

“DEWA’s female engineers play a major role in enriching the value chain. Their contributions across all business areas, including generation, transmission, and distribution, as well as designing innovative and digital services, are remarkable. They promote stakeholder happiness, develop strategies, and implement government communication plans. We collaborate as one team to enhance Dubai’s position as the best city in the world to live, work, and visit, and to promote sustainable development,” said Maryam Abdulaziz Khansaheb, Manager of Corporate Sustainability and Member of DEWA Women’s Committee.

“DEWA provides a suitable environment that supports female engineers and enables them to unleash their abilities. DEWA Women’s Committee is committed to supporting the efforts of DEWA’s top management to turn the challenges facing female engineers in the energy sector and various technical sectors into opportunities and find sustainable solutions,” said Khuloud Alzarooni, Senior Engineer - SCADA Database and Member of DEWA Women’s Committee.

Fatima Karim, Senior Engineer - Field Operations at DEWA, highlighted DEWA’s success in strengthening cooperation, cohesion, and teamwork among its employees. Karim added that each member of DEWA’s team is distinguished by different skills and abilities, and unifying these capabilities enhances efficiency and productivity and elevates the positive and encouraging work environment.

“DEWA has provided me with a lot of support and encouragement, and I had many opportunities that enabled me to hone my skills on personal and professional levels, which contributed to my active participation in completing pioneering projects that support DEWA’s vision. DEWA’s confidence in my capabilities gives me a greater sense of responsibility as an essential element with an active role in the team, which motivates me to work harder,” said Mozah Alyammahi, Senior Researcher - DEWA’s Research and Development (R&D) Centre.


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