Abu Dhabi Center for Legal and Community Awareness “Masouleya” launched an expanded awareness campaign for the objective of reducing the harm on state`s reputation, its figures and its establishments around 3 month under the title of: “Your freedom is restricted by the limits of the law”  aiming to increase community awareness of the importance of constructive criticism, its methods and approaches, and to introduce the legal penalties stipulated in Federal Decree-Law No. 34 of 2021, regarding combating rumors and cybercrime.

The launching of such campaign comes in line with the directives of His Highness Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of the Presidential Court, and Chairman of the Abu Dhabi Judicial Department, to promote community awareness to address negative behaviors and phenomena, in a manner supporting the maintenance of security and stability in society.

The campaign aims to deliver legal awareness in an innovative way to the target groups of university students, employees in both government and private sectors, and parents, by diversifying the means of education and using modern technology in providing educational material through various media platforms such as radio and television programs and press reports, with a focus on the use of Social media platforms due to their wide spread among the various segments of society, through the production of audio-visual and electronic materials, such as educational films, radio programs and electronic videos, in addition to the publication of a large number of educational leaflets.

The campaign will also include the publication of a set of stories and facts that were presented before courts, aiming to extract lessons from them, as well as direct lectures that the center will organize for university students, schools, employees and parents, as well as lectures held in councils ( Majalis) , with the objective of raising awareness about self-censorship frameworks and being keen in selecting suitable and appropriate words, language, and expression across digital applications or public conversations.

In addition, the campaign intends to educate the target audience about the rules for submitting complaints to government institutions, the importance of having a positive culture through proper expression and constructive criticism through the channels allocated for that and  the risks of spreading abuse in the virtual world, the size of the negative impact of posts through ill-conceived social media, and the correct methods for submitting a complaint and not resorting to social media as a tool to put pressure on entities or people to achieve any objectives, in addition to introducing them to the law on combating rumors and electronic crimes, enhancing the image of ADJD and spreading legal awareness.