• Participants had a unique opportunity to interact with the leading innovations in road safety and AI powered public transport solutions

Abu Dhabi, UAE: World’s first Mobility Education Summit concluded in Abu Dhabi on a very high note. Hosted and organised by Emirates Driving Company (EDC), the event saw leading local and global authorities converge to discuss the technological advances in the field of mobility, road safety education, sustainable mobility solutions and automation among several others pertinent topics concerning driving education and mobility.

Talking about the WHO statistics, the conference highlighted that every year the lives of approximately 1.3 million people are cut short as a result of a road traffic crash. The United Nations General Assembly has set an ambitious target of halving the global number of deaths and injuries from road traffic crashes by 2030.

To this effect, the emirate of Abu Dhabi also has vision zero strategy where it aspires to completely eliminate the road fatalities by the year 2040.Information, education and awareness drives play a significant role in achieving zero fatality goal therefore Abu Dhabi has been conducting several awareness campaigns on how to ride bicycles and e-scooters safely while holding special training and workshop sessions for motorcyclists and other specific target groups including the school bus drivers.

Hailing the role of AI in mobility, the experts at the conference agreed that AI in mobility, machine learning will not be optional; it will be the technological foundation and the source of significant competitive advantage for decades to come. Moreover, AI may completely replace the drivers on the road, and this will eliminate human factor and road safety will be on the highest possible level reducing the number of road accidents.

Celebrating the success of the first summit, Mr. Khalid Al Shemeili, CEO of Emirates Driving Company says: “Every minute of the ‘EDC - Mobility Education Summit 2022’ was filled with great ideas, inspiring speakers and priceless learning opportunities. We have already received great feedback from many attendees, and I’m so proud of my team for making it such a huge success. I also want to thank our partners from the European Driving Schools Association, Abu Dhabi Police and the Integrated Transport Centre for making this important event possible and contributing their invaluable expertise.”

Adding further he stated, “We believe that events like this are vital for the development of driver education, and that all of us across the globe have a shared responsibility to make our roads safer for future generations. It was amazing to see pioneers from the industry brought together under the same aim, and all of us departed the summit feeling inspired and uplifted. We can’t wait to welcome everyone back again to our next summit.”

Held from 14-16 November 2022 and presented in collaboration with Abu Dhabi Police, the Integrated Transport Centre – Abu Dhabi and the EFA - European Driving Schools Association, the conference at ADNEC, Abu Dhabi, was the first mobility education gathering in history to welcome driving schools from across the world.

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Presentation Title



Designation and Organization

Juri Ess

AI powered e-learning

Juri Ess provided in his presentation a brief on the Estonian current statistics of population, road fatalities, etc. He then explained the objective of their project in the AI powered e-learning is to convert the traditional training methods into a hybrid model of training that include both eLearning and classrooms.

The e-learning platform is initiated through their project Liikluslab that allows students to go in and prepare for their theory test.


CEO of the Estonian Driving Schools Association

Lieutenant-Colonel Fahad Al-Arifi -

Automation of Driver Test

Abu Dhabi Police presented their newly Smart Driver Test System used by the licensing department. The system is composed of three main components: Smart Vehicle, Control Room and Smart Bus. The smart vehicle is equipped with cameras and sensors to auto-evaluate the driver skills and grant him a passing or failing test certificate. The control room is built through a GIS system that monitors all the test on the road with 360 surveillance.  

The objective of the system is to reduce the human errors in evaluating the drivers, enhance the monitoring system over the drivers tests eventually increase the road safety.


Deputy Director of the Drivers Licensing Department in Abu Dhabi Police

Lorenzo Lefebvre and Patrice Bessone

The driving schools creative of security for mobility

Lorenzo and Patrice stated the mandate of the theorical courses during the initial formation and how the elderly people’s accompaniment by driving schools for the maintain of the mobility safety.




Is the Vice-Président Mobilians éducation et sécurité routières.



CEO of Mobilians éducation et sécurité routières


Manuel Picardi

Driving Training in EU

Manuel explained the variations between the European countries in drivers education and presented the projects EFA conducted in the EU.

That includes; Safe2wheelers project that aims to understand the driver behavior on the road and implement tools more relevant to their behaviors.

SimuSafe is a project aimed at improving driving simulators and traffic simulation to develop more realistic multi-agent behavioral models.

Fitdrive; that aims to create a customized drivers’ profiles

Manuel explained as well on the EFA new training models proposed to the driving associations to increase drivers’ safety such as; navigation systems materials, Eco-Driving, hazard perception tests, etc.

Manuel conculeded that the goal is to standardize the European Training Curriculum as well as the driving factor curriculum, and think about the lifelong learning for all the drivers


General Secretary at the European Driving Schools Association (EFA)

Michael Bennett and Andy Bull

Hazard Perception - Crossing the chasm

Michael and Andy presented the hazard perception testing followed in the UK and offered by Jellylearn

The test offered can predict the drivers with poor hazard perception skills associated with elevated accident risk. And hence, those drivers can get more emphasized classes on hazard perception.

Michael Bennett:


Andy Bull:







Patrick Hekkert

The journey of the Global Driving Standards

Patrick explained the global driving standards from 1992 until 2017. He stated the certifications and programs for drivers training to be offered by Training Organizations. The training involves training the trainers and the master trainers.    


Board member at the GDC

Samira Al Kathiri

Children Safety in Vehicles Project

Samira started by explaining the Abu Dhabi Public health center and its vision, mission and strategic priorities. She presented statistics of the fatality rates and injuries from the accidents and how the center started to take further initiatives for Injury prevention.

Important topic was the safety of children in the vehicles, and hence Samira explained the causes and prevention programs they developed for children safety


Head of Occupational Safety Department

Abu Dhabi Public Health Center


Stanislav Dovrak

UAE New test questions for drivers Public Private Partnership

Stanislav started with the importance of Hazard perception for drivers. He explained the theory tests in the Czech Republic. However, he emphasized the importance of adding a more interactive scenarios to act safely in the traffic. And that hence increased the students interest in theory lessons.


Director of Drivers ‘Affairs Department at Ministry of Transport of the Czech Republic

Stefan Ebner

25 years L17 Driving Licence in Austria (L17 license)

Stefan explained the driving license training in Austria with statistics and numbers. He then explained the minimum criteria to obtain a driving license and the steps. The interest for 17 years old teenagers for licenses has increased and hence they proposes the Multi phase training that added: supervision over newly drivers, mutual learning in groups, eco-driving, etc. 


Director of the Austrian Economic Chamber

Vincenzo Ronca

Neuroscientific tools for assessing students' experience at driving school

Vincenzo introduced Brainsigns product that is aimed to understand the cognitive and emotional response of the user. Used with multiple sensors and then processed through signal analysis the report can evaluate the internal mental states driving innovation in different areas of application. He followed the presentation with research case studies in driving schools that resulted the possibility to catch improvement in terms of mental performance.


R&D Project Manager at Brainsigns

Jiří Novotný

Prezentace HP

A good experience driver should be able to identify the risk immediately, with an early reaction he would be able to avoid the crash


Owner and Executive Director


Czech Road Safety Team

Jeroen Smeesters

Second Phase Federdrive

It is important to keep updating novice drivers’ competencies to continuously contribute to road safety


Director of



Jan Polak

Prezntace USP ENG

Mr. Jan initiated his presentation by providing some statistics and facts about motorcycle licenses holders in Czech, & further elaborating on ways to improve the training requirements to be able to avoid accidents while highlighting the need of hazard perception training & testing for motorcycle drivers using visual apps


Director of

Czech NGO


Fatmah Salem Hantoubi

Smart Mobility 2022

"we are trying to develop our strategies to be aligned with UAE net zero vision which will reduce the emission from the transports sectors and all other sectors. "Smart mobility plan aims to developing full policy and regulatory framework for the project roadmap which will incorporate all autonomous vehicles into the Abu Dhabi transport system and AV operating model.


Section Head for Transport Services Planning within ITP Division


Integrated Transport Center, Abu Dhabi


Ales Horcicka


A driver is considered a good driver if he is able to identify the risk immediately, with an early reaction he would be able to avoid the crash



Chairman of

Driving School Association of the Czech Republic


Alia Almansouri

School Bus Safety

Mrs Alia conquered several important topics of which were the quality infrastructure is one of the prerequisites for integration into the global economy and the enhancement of national industries and their competitiveness in addition to the importance of  making sure that the drivers of our children are eligible to drive and are meeting the requirements and qualifications through a School bus drivers and supervisors evaluation program that were developed in 2015 and are updated periodically in cooperation with the concerned authorities through this program  the efficiency of school bus drivers and supervisors in Abu Dhabi is assessed through five main phases.


Senior Certification of Personnel & Systems Services Analyst at ADQCC

Diana Deca


Diana highlighted the importance of use of VR to generate Synthetic Data so EVTOL companies can better serve their Regulators, Investors & Future clients


CEO of


Dr Jaka Sodnik

Training in Metaverse world (Simulator & Virtual Reality)

Training in metaverse- a new source of different light in technology - artificial technology and simulators come together.

Automation is how technology can empower humans.


Professor at

University of Ljubljana


Enrique Lorca -


It is necessary to introduce training that separates knowledge from awareness. Training knowledge & awareness are two different aspects that are equally important. Moreover, interchanging some knowledge and best practices we acquire can be offered through the data collection that is being implemented


President of

Regional Association of Driving Schools of Murcia


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