UAE – The Smart Vision Group - one of the largest organisers of international conferences and expos for the financial services industry - has today announced it is organising the Middle East Financial Markets Awards Ceremony.

This celebrated event will take place on 24th September 2023 at the luxury 5-Star Hotel Palazzo Versace Dubai, UAE in order to honour leading companies in the Forex and financial markets.

The Middle East Financial Markets Awards Ceremony in Dubai is the first of its kind taking place in the MENA region and will enable networking and collaboration with peers. The awards have been divided into three main parts: “Top 100 Trusted Financial Institution Awards”, “Top 50 Financial CEO Awards” & “Financial CEO Annual Meeting - Dubai 2023”.

The “Top Forex CEO Award” recognize industry leaders with exceptional leadership skills, while the “Financial CEO Annual Meeting” will focus on innovation, digitization, and globalization. In addition, CEOs will share insights on optimizing platforms and user experiences for the future of the industry.  The meetings will facilitate important discussions on trends shaping the future of the industry among top industry leaders.

Dr. Mohammed Elnozamy, Chairman and Managing Director at Smart Vision: 

"As we gather to celebrate excellence in the world of financial services, I am reminded of the immense dedication and talent that drives our industry forward. This awards ceremony is a testament to the remarkable achievements and innovations that shape the future of finance.

Together, we recognize the outstanding individuals and organizations who have demonstrated unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional services and solutions. At the Middle East Financial Markets Awards Ceremony, we will honour their brilliance, resilience, and unwavering pursuit of excellence. Let us celebrate their remarkable contributions and continue to push the boundaries of what is possible in the world of finance."

The “Top 100 Trusted Financial Institution Awards” selects Fintech and financial services providers and brokers that service clients in the Middle East region, based on metrics such as number of active traders from the Middle East region, deposit volumes and trading volumes from these traders, range of trading instruments and account types offered to clients. In addition to this quality of trading platforms are considered as well as tools and educational resources that are provided by brokers to their clients. Finally, effectiveness of marketing and customer service for Middle Eastern clients and compliance with regulations and licensing for operating in Middle East countries is also taken under the spotlight.

Shiren Aladawey, Head of Marketing at Smart Vision: 

“We are thrilled to present a range of prestigious award categories that reflect the essence of excellence and trust in our field. Among them, we have the highly anticipated 'Top 100 Trusted Financial Institution Awards,' which will honour those institutions that have consistently displayed integrity, transparency, and a commitment to building enduring relationships with their clients.  Additionally, we have the esteemed 'Top 50 Financial CEO Awards,' recognizing visionary leaders who have not only navigated their organizations through challenging times but have also propelled them towards remarkable success, inspiring their teams and shaping the future of finance.  And let us not forget the 'Financial CEO Annual Meeting - Dubai 2023,' a gathering that will bring together the most influential minds in the industry, fostering collaboration, knowledge sharing, and the exploration of ground-breaking ideas. This exclusive event promises to be a paramount platform for networking and forging partnerships that will shape the financial landscape globally.”, the global FinTech and financial services provider for online trading and investing is delighted to be part of and one of the main supporters of this prestigious event. The global multi-asset broker will be presented by a team consisting of top leaders joining from different offices across the globe.

Andreea Ilies, Global Head of Events at 

“We understand the significance of showcasing the best practices, the cutting-edge technologies, and the unwavering commitment to excellence in the financial industry.

Through our support, we aim to provide a platform for recognition, knowledge sharing, and networking that will propel the financial services industry forward. We, at, are thrilled to announce our support for the upcoming Middle East Financial Markets Awards Ceremony honouring excellence in the financial services industry.” extends a warm welcome to all participants, encouraging them to partake in insightful dialogues and engaging discussions which further highlights the group’s dedication to fostering industry growth, cultivating meaningful connections with industry peers, and solidifying their position as a trusted partner in the global financial landscape. has been joining international events around the world since the start of the year including in the UAE, Mexico, the Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Bahrain, Jordan, South Africa, the team will continue its global road trip to Oman and Egypt.

About Smart Vision
 Smart Vision is one of the largest expertise houses that is specialized in the international and local capital markets in the field of training, skills development and organizing international conferences.

Smart Vision is classified in the three top positions in the field of training and financial expertise in the Arab world of the financial sector and capital markets.
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