Dubai:– Medialinks, a prominent provider of mobile marketing solutions in the MENA region, is delighted to announce its successful participation in the highly anticipated Seamless Dubai 2023 event. The event, which took place on May 23rd and 24th in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, provided an excellent platform for Medialinks to launch its innovative mobile marketing service, OptiMena.

As an exhibitor, Medialinks showcased OptiMena, a comprehensive mobile marketing solution specifically tailored for the MENA market. The enthusiastic response from industry professionals, entrepreneurs, and decision-makers highlighted the immense significance and potential of mobile marketing in the MENA region.

Medialinks is a locally-rooted UAE agency with extensive expertise in leveraging quality traffic and inventory sources exclusive to the MENA region. Their specialization in the local market ensures customized and successful campaigns. Notable clients, including ToYou, Yaqoot, Virgin Mobile, Zofeur, TOD, Mashreq Bank, and MySyara, are a testament to their industry knowledge and capabilities.

Having secured a prestigious speaking slot, Medialinks delivered an insightful presentation, sharing expert knowledge on mobile marketing trends and strategies. The session attracted a diverse audience, facilitating engaging discussions and valuable networking opportunities.

Seamless Dubai 2023 witnessed a significant turnout of 20,000 participants, reaffirming its status as a premier event in the digital technology and e-commerce landscape. Medialinks expresses sincere appreciation to the event organizers, sponsors, partners, and attendees for their invaluable support and contributions to the success of the event.


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