Muscat:  In a momentous celebration of camaraderie, the Ras Al Hamra Golf Club played host to the inaugural session of the Oman Diplomatic Golf Event on Saturday, November 11, 2023 that was organised by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, under the patronage of his Excellency Khalid bin Hashel bin Mohammed Al-Muslahi, Undersecretary of the Foreign Ministry for Administrative and Financial Affairs.

The invitation to partake in the event was graciously extended to a number of embassies, thereby highlighting the rich diversity of the Sultanate of Oman while also reaffirming the nation’s dedication to promoting inclusivity. The event garnered substantial attention, boasting the participation of twelve embassies, with eight of them enthusiastically competing in the main golf event. The active engagement of the embassies from diverse backgrounds further reinforces the notion that golf transcends the sport itself, becoming a platform for forging meaningful connections and understanding. Beyond introducing the game itself, this involvement contributes to its wider reach and facilitates increased interaction among diplomatic missions in a framework of friendly competition, distinct from official events.

The event also featured a complimentary golf clinic to cater to individuals with limited to no prior experience in the sport. The clinic not only served as an entry point for novices to acquaint themselves with the nuances of golf but also epitomised Ras Al Hamra’s commitment to inclusivity, ensuring that everyone, regardless of their skill level, could enjoy the sport.

The structure employed for the event was a 4-player Texas Scramble format, wherein teams selected the best ball on each shot, and then proceeded with their gameplay from that point forward. Each team consisted of four embassy staff members who proudly represented their respective nations with several distinguished ambassadors taking the tee shots to initiate the play.

In alignment with the spirit of National Day, the golf carts were decorated with national flags, adding a touch of vibrancy to the landscape. Additionally, the Indonesian team sported specially designed shirts.

The Indian Embassy team secured the first position; they proudly lifted the winner's trophy, achieving an impressive score of 54. Meanwhile, close on their heels, the Omani team, represented by Salim Al Harthy, Hisham Al Siyabi, Rashad Al Harthy, and Zuwaina Al Rawahi, secured a commendable second place with a score of 56. The United States rounded out the winners' podium, securing the third position with a score of 58. The winners were bestowed with a unique trophy, inspired by the traditional Omani Door, symbolising the warmth and hospitality of the Omani culture.

Nestled in the Jebel Heights of Qurm, Ras Al Hamra Golf Club serves as a hub that promotes meaningful connections and camaraderie while offering an exceptional golfing experience. The success of the Oman Diplomatic Golf Event marks the initiation of a tradition committed to reinforcing diplomatic relationships through the enduring values of sportsmanship and unity.