Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates:

Ma Hawa, an Emirati brand owned by Baynunah Watergeneration Technologies SP LLC, is participated in Gulfood 2024, showcasing its pioneering water-from-air technology at the world's largest food and beverage trade exhibition. Ma Hawa showcased its groundbreaking solutions, offering visitors a window into the future of hydration.

Ma Hawa's revolutionary technology extracts pure drinking water directly from the air, providing an endless, eco-friendly, and resilient source of hydration. Visitors to the event witnessed live demonstrations as humidity transforms into refreshing water of the highest quality while understanding food and water security and innovation in this sector.

Commenting on the participation at Gulfood, Ma Hawa's Marketing Head, Amro Asmael said, "We, at Ma Hawa, envision a future where clean, sustainable hydration is accessible to all. Presenting our diverse range of groundbreaking solutions at a global platform like Gulfood is part of our commitment to fostering a sustainable lifestyle, which aligns with UAE's sustainability goals and innovative spirit."

"Our solutions are for everyone; we are among the few companies to provide bottles of drinking water produced from the air. At the same time, we provide bigger units that can be installed for hotels, schools and even a whole town," he added.  

Aligning perfectly with the UAE's Year of Sustainability, Ma Hawa empowers homes and businesses to join the sustainability movement with products for homes, offices, whole towns, and the HORECA industry. They can leverage Ma Hawa's technology to minimize plastic waste, elevate guest experiences, and reduce dependence on bottled water.

Besides its participation at Gulfood, Ma Hawa is actively engaged in various events, strategically expanding awareness and market interest for its groundbreaking solutions, from product demonstrations and networking opportunities. The team wrapped up their community engagement event at the Golden Ladies Club on February 18th and Emirates Health Authority in Fujairah. Meanwhile, the company is also at the Ajban Defense Technology Exhibition in Abu Dhabi (February 20th -21st) and the UAEU Agriculture College in Al Ain (February 27th -29th), highlighting its water-from-air technology's versatility and impactful applications across various sectors.


About Ma Hawa:

Ma Hawa is the UAE's first premium drinking water brand to offer clean, renewable water extracted from the air using cutting-edge technology. Launched in the UAE's 'Year of Sustainability", Ma Hawa is an Emirati brand owned by Baynunah Watergeneration Technologies SP LLC, based in Abu Dhabi. Ma Hawa is committed to the 'Make in the Emirates' initiative and manufactures its bottle-less water dispensers and bottles in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

Visit: https://mahawa.ae/