Dubai, UAE – “The new and improved integrated digital tax service platform EmaraTax, set to be launched by the Federal Tax Authority (FTA) in a few days, will be a cornerstone of our efforts to shape the future of the UAE tax system,” asserted FTA Director General His Excellency Khalid Ali Al Bustani at an awareness seminar the Authority organised for the platform.

Titled ‘The EmaraTax Platform and Its Role in Enhancing the FTA’s Preparations for an Advanced Future Tax System’, the seminar is one of a series of events the Authority held to mark World Future Day.

“The launch of the EmaraTax digital platform, to be followed by its dedicated smartphone application at a later time, is part of the Federal Tax Authority’s continuous modernisation plans, which aim to prepare for a more developed future and achieve the FTA’s main goal to become a world leader in the tax sector,” H.E. Al Bustani said.

“Over the course of several months, the Authority collaborated with the competent authorities, making intensive efforts to build the digital EmaraTax platform in accordance with the latest technologies used globally in the tax field,” H.E. added. “The platform is a notable leap forward in the plans to upgrade the tax system and achieve the Authority’s strategic goals to drive digitalisation in all of its services, in line with the UAE’s comprehensive digital transformation.”

The FTA Director General went on to note that the team in charge of implementing the EmaraTax digital tax service platform and smart application strived to create an integrated portal to enhance and streamline the experience for FTA clients, allowing them to manage their tax operations efficiently, quickly, seamlessly, and transparently.

“Throughout the development of the EmaraTax platform, the Authority was committed to integrating its services with the ones provided by other relevant government entities, including the Central Bank, and with national programmes such as UAE PASS, in an effort to streamline and optimise the use of shared data, thus facilitating operations and services for users,” H.E. Al Bustani concluded.


About Federal Tax Authority

The Federal Tax Authority was established by Federal Decree-Law No. (13) of 2016 to help diversify the national economy and increase non-oil revenues in the UAE through the management and collection of federal taxes based on international best practices and standards, as well as to provide all means of support to enable taxpayers to comply with the tax laws and procedures. Since its inception in 2017, the FTA has been committed to cooperate with the competent authorities to establish a comprehensive and balanced system to make the UAE one of the first countries in the world to implement a fully electronic tax system that encourages voluntary compliance, with simple procedures based on the highest standards of transparency and accuracy – beginning from registration, to the submission of tax returns, to the payment of due taxes through the Authority’s website: