Abu Dhabi: The Family Development Foundation (FDF) successfully concluded its innovative ‘100 Days Sports Challenge Program’ aimed at fostering active participation of women and bolstering their skills in sports, health, and education across Abu Dhabi. As a key component of the ‘Building Women’s Skills and Abilities’ service, the initiative also focused on enhancing the psychological well-being of women by positively shaping their familial and social connections.

Khawla Al Mehairi, Head of the Women Empowerment Department at the FDF, reiterated the foundation’s commitment to empowering women and nurturing their balanced development through the ‘Building Women's Skills and Abilities’ service, which encourages them to assume leadership roles in their families and communities. “The ‘100 Days Sports Challenge’ Program aimed to elevate the levels of physical and physiological fitness of participants, while reducing the risk of obesity among them. Additionally, it sought to enhance women’s engagement in sports activities and motivate them to integrate these activities into their daily routines,” Al Mehairi said.

Participants who have reaped the benefits of the Program commended FDF’s enduring dedication to promoting women’s health and wellness.

Aisha Alwali, the Program’s participant said: “Before joining the '100 Days Sports Challenge' I was battling various health concerns such as weight gain, sleep disorders, difficulty in movement, and overall muscle weakness. Through the Program, I was able to lose five kilograms. Further, I have also noticed a significant improvement in my sleep quality and overall muscle strength. Now I can walk continuously for over 30 minutes without suffering from fatigue and exhaustion like before. The Program has also inspired me to make mindful and healthy diet choices to maintain my current weight:”

Mariam Ahmed, another participant in the Program, said: “I joined the ‘100 Days Sports Challenge’, upon the insistence of the Program coordinator. Bolstered by her unwavering support and encouragement, I attended the Program daily, which has helped me break my weight plateau and lose over 9 kilograms in just two months. The Program also guided me towards healthy diet choices, and I am determined to continue my participation in the Program until I achieve my fitness goals.”

Mona Khalifa, a Program participant, said: “The Program has played a vital role in improving my health and wellbeing. With the help of the Program, I was able to overcome obesity and related issues, while enhancing my overall fitness. Having shed over 10 kilograms in just two months, I now lead a more fulfilling life. I am deeply appreciative of the dedication and tireless efforts of FDF, and the coordinators of this Program which has transformed my life for the better.”


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