Dubai, UAE: – Emirates Health Services (EHS) concluded its participation at the Arab Health Exhibition & Congress (Arab Health 2023) by launching the new Customer Sentiments Analysis platform – one of the most advanced artificial intelligence (AI) application designed to analyse patients’ feelings by identifying the emotional undertone in comments they post through social media platforms and questionnaires.

EHS took part in Arab Health 2023 under the overarching theme ‘Shaping the Future of Health Services’.

His Excellency Dr. Abdulaziz Al Zarouni, Executive Director of the Financial and Support Services Sector at EHS, explained that EHS’ participation in this year’s edition of Arab Health stood out for the quality and distinction of the projects it launched and the platforms and strategies it announced, which align with the ‘We the UAE 2031’ national vision and the UAE Centennial 2071 Plan. “The Emirates Health Services Board of Directors applauded EHS’ distinguished and remarkable presence at this year’s event, as well as its experience and exceptional accomplishments in strengthening the healthcare industry, which have cemented its leadership, excellence, and local and global competitiveness,” He added.

EHS announced five smart platforms and applications at Arab Health 2023, namely, EHS Intelligence Platform, EHS Public Health Ecosystem, Smart Clinical Coding (360), Health Care Sustainability Initiative, and the Performance and Clinical Excellence (PaCE) platform, along with the “Customer Sentiments Analysis” platform.

Her Excellency Mubaraka Ibrahim, Acting Chief Information Officer at EHS, asserted: “The Customer Sentiments Analysis platform marks a significant leap forward in the field of analysing and interpreting patients’ feelings, expressions, and voices, and converting them into written texts using artificial intelligence technology. This enhances our understanding of patients’ experiences and opinions, helps us identify areas for improvement, and allows us to make data-based decisions to improve the quality of healthcare we provide.”

H.E. went on to note that EHS will start implementing the first phase of the platform next March, followed by the second phase, which will include installing devices across all EHS facilities to receive audio comments, analyse them, and convert them into written data to be sent to EHS-affiliated health facilities in order to help them develop procedures, services, and solutions to enrich customer experience.

EHS’ Acting Chief Information Officer explained that among the projects unveiled was the EHS Intelligence Platform, which analyses big data from various sources, such as healthcare data, administrative systems, clinical systems, and the Internet of Things. The platform aims to manage data using artificial intelligence, which will reflect positively on enhancing healthcare services, improving resource management, and predicting disease outbreaks.

19 innovative projects

During its participation at Arab Health 2023, Emirates Health Services announced the launch of 19 projects, set to be implemented along three main axes, namely, Innovative and Sustainable Health Services, Advanced Healthcare Technology, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Preventative Forecasting.

EHS’ booth at the event welcomed several renowned figures, and Emirates Health Services was able to expand the scope of its partnerships, signing a range of MoUs and collaboration agreements with leading local and international health authorities and institutions.


Over the course of four days, EHS organised a series of panel discussions as part of its roundtable discussions, hosting international guests renowned in the healthcare industry. Topics of discussion included a talk titled ‘Patient Experience and Care Models’, which explored the challenges faced by children’s hospitals in the United States, as well as a session on ‘Patient Experience and Satisfaction’ which explored best practices in that regard. A third session was held under the title ‘Virtualisation of Healthcare Following the Shift towards Telehealth and Telemedicine’, along with another session titled ‘Values-Based Healthcare: Principles and Best Practices’.