Dubai, UAE:  Dubai, the hub of financial innovation, proudly stands as the host for the transformative Family Office Roundtable (FORT) Global, a groundbreaking expansion curated by the Sovereign Wealth Fund Institute (SWFI). The event is set to debut on February 2nd at Dubai's iconic Museum of the Future, where conventional barriers disappear and provide a stimulating environment for conversations that have the potential to change the world. Featuring participants at the helm of an immense $2 trillion in wealth, this exclusive, invitation-only event commands the attention of international asset allocators, dignitaries, ministers, and single-family offices hailing from 35+ countries.

Under the theme 'Abundance for the Future,' this inaugural event reflects families' unwavering commitment to positive change, blending wealth preservation with social and environmental well-being. It signifies a legacy of resilience, ethical investing, sustainability, and societal improvement. Beyond financial assets, the event highlights a dedication to a lasting positive impact. Investments made underscore a commitment to preserving wealth, envisioning a peaceful future where innovation and wealth collectively drive prosperity for generations.

Edward  Longhurst-Pierce, the CEO of SWFI Events, said, “We have had a great response so far; we have 9500+ people registered for 350 seats. This clearly shows the importance of Family Offices in the Middle Eastern market. We are so excited to welcome the global family offices to meet the UAE family offices in Dubai."

In response to this unparalleled event, SWFI Chairman Lakshmi Narayanan outlined his vision: "FORT is a vibrant environment where our global partners forge enduring bonds and inspire original ideas that frequently revolutionize the wealth management and investment ecosystem. It stands for our unwavering commitment to seeking out new prospects, developing long-lasting relationships, and initiating conversations that transcend the conventional boundaries of the finance industry. Here, we are at the forefront of a movement that brings in a new era of collaboration, leaving a mark on the future of Family Offices and investment environments that will be felt not just in the Middle East, but globally."

Building on the success of the inaugural FORT in North America, where $11 trillion in assets convened, and inspired by SWFI's 2023 Global Wealth Conference, FORT Dubai 2024 aims to amplify opportunities for the region's growing wealth. This event serves as a platform for global investment connectivity, advocating best practices, and fostering cross-border exchanges among influential family offices and asset allocators. 

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