Dubai, United Arab Emirates: TikTok creators around the world create a positive impact on and beyond the platform. We see this every day through videos from heartwarming heroes who inspire us with judgment-free advice, to modern educators whose engaging approach to teaching brings together creativity and authenticity, as well as vibrant personalities who show us that life is not limited by physical conditions, and sustainability champions who share creative eco-friendly solutions to everyday problems.

Building on our ongoing commitment to foster a local community who is passionate about using #TikTokforGood, we're honored to introduce the TikTok Change Makers Program, our first-ever global social impact creator elevation program that spotlights creators and non-profits who create meaningful change in their communities through TikTok. Throughout this 6-month program, we will support these creators to build engaged communities, reach new audiences, and unlock real-world opportunities through dedicated tools, resources, and donations to designated non-profit organizations, which will allow them to drive an even greater impact around their causes.

Introducing the TikTok Change Makers

To officially launch this program, we are celebrating and unveiling our inaugural global list of TikTok Change Makers, comprising 50 purpose-driven creators from around the world. Whether it's spreading positivity or sharing good deeds, these Change Makers continue to advocate, inspire, and educate their communities to drive collective change on TikTok and beyond.

Meet the TikTok Change Makers from the MENA region and learn more about their incredible journeys. Click here to get to know more about the Change Makers from all over the globe.

Abdullah Al-Alawi (abdullah_yw), KSA

Abdullah is a dentist dedicated to enhancing his quality of life daily and invites his audience along for the journey. He leverages his platforms to share valuable knowledge and information on diverse health topics in a light-hearted manner, often incorporating skits to engage his audience. He tackles multiple topics ranging from health and wellness to humanities, business, and personal development. He was also named among Forbes’ 30 Under 30.

Dr. Jana Bou Reslan, (drjanaboureslan), UAE

Dr. Jana Bou Reslan is an experienced university lecturer of Educational Psychology who has taught at various universities in Lebanon and in the UAE. She holds a Ph.D. in Educational Leadership from the United States and a CTI certification in Life Coaching. In 2023, she went through a huge career shift, focusing her work on coaching, media, and spreading awareness on various overlooked yet extremely crucial topics in society such as self-confidence, healthy boundaries, and achieving goals.

Abdullah Annan, (annanscience), Egypt

Abdullah is also known as “The Arab Science Guy” on TikTok. He creates videos that break down complex scientific scenarios in an easy-to-understand format. Abdullah is committed to educating his viewers, going so far as to skydive to explore the science of flight.

Mai Gamal, (nutritionist_mai_gamal), Egypt

Mai is a certified nutritionist and health coach who empowers individuals to listen to their bodies and embrace a balanced approach to nutrition. Mai’s approachable advice encourages a sustainable lifestyle, free from the rigidity of strict dieting. Her guidance on TikTok simplifies dietary choices, promoting a flexible and understanding attitude towards health and wellness.

Championing causes with non-profit organizations through the TikTok Change Makers Grant

As a platform celebrates creativity and authentic expression, TikTok brings together creators, non-profit organizations and businesses with a shared vision to rally support, raise awareness and funds for causes that matter. We've also seen over 50,000 posts under the #TikTokforGood hashtag, showcasing the strength and impact of a community that's keen to drive meaningful change and unlock real-world impact.

As we continue forging meaningful partnerships between creators and non-profit organizations, we are also introducing the TikTok Change Makers Grant as an integral part of the TikTok Change Makers program. Through this Grant, we are donating over $1 million to over 30 global and local non-profit organizations supporting a variety of important causes, making a $25,000 direct donation in honor of every Change Maker to support their respective advocacies while elevating the impact of their work.

"The TikTok global community harnesses creative self-expression to drive positive impact by rallying support, raising awareness, and advocating for the causes they truly care about. We're proud to launch the TikTok Change Makers program to help social impact creators and non-profit organizations reach more communities, unlock real-world opportunities, and bring about lasting, meaningful change," said Kim Farrell, Head of Creators, TikTok.

“Use the power of TikTok to inspire, educate, and unite, spreading positivity one video at a time,” said Dr. Jana Bou Reslan, speaker, lecturer, coach, and a regional Change Maker in the MENA region.

 “TikTok has become the go-to source of information for all ages, so I started using it to spread awareness of these mesmerizing science concepts through edu-tainment. I aim to share this love of science with all learners and spark their own passion,” said Abdullah Annan, engineer, founder, CEO, and a regional Change Maker in the MENA region.

"We are pleased to work with TikTok and content creators worldwide on the TikTok Change Makers Program. By leveraging our combined strengths, we can broaden our reach to communities globally, impacting health and other important issues affecting people. This program enables us to connect with wider audiences, encouraging creativity for meaningful advocacy and health communication," said Dr. Alain Labrique, Director, Department of Digital Health and Innovation, WHO.

Harnessing #TikTokforGood with the Change Makers

Through the TikTok Change Makers Program, we aim to showcase the diverse voices and the strength of our global community as they educate, advocate and inspire their communities to drive meaningful, positive and lasting change.

Learn more about how you can help make real change happen by checking out your local content hub, which will feature inspiring programming and impactful stories over the next six months. Join your fellow Change Makers by championing everyday good using #TikTokforGood, starting today!


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