Riyadh, 17 MAY 2023.Tim Hortons, the iconic Canadian coffee chain, has announced the launch of five new cafes in Bahrain, in collaboration with its Middle East franchisee, “AG Café”. This partnership brings the total number of Tim Hortons cafes in the Kingdom to eight, strategically located in key areas to serve coffee lovers across the region.

AG Café, a joint venture between Apparel Group and Gateway Partners, has designed the new cafes with a Canadian touch to offer an authentic and unique experience for Bahraini consumers. Known for its freshly brewed coffee and freshly baked food, Tim Hortons’ tagline, “Always Fresh, Always Delicious,” promises a premium quality and overall experience that customers will appreciate.

“We are delighted to bring the authentic taste of Tim Hortons, with its premium quality and overall experience, to the strategic market of Bahrain,” said Hesham Almekkawi, CEO of AG Café. “The Bahraini people share a common desire and passion for food and beverages, and we believe that our new cafes will become the preferred destination for coffee lovers throughout the Kingdom. ”

The launch event was attended by Dr. Hisham Al-Asheeri, Member of Parliament, who expressed his excitement about Tim Hortons’ expansion in Bahrain. “Tim Hortons is an iconic Canadian coffee brand that our citizens and expats alike will now be able to taste and enjoy here at home. I am happy that Tim Hortons continues to expand their operations in Bahrain,” said Dr. Hisham Al-Asheeri.

AG Café sees Bahrain as a key market for Tim Hortons’ Middle East expansion and aims for consistent growth of the brand across the country. The stores have been designed with the brand’s Canadian origins in mind but tailored to attract Bahraini consumers.

Currently operating 275 Tim Hortons cafes in the region, the plan is to cotinue expanding its footprint in the coming years to bring its authentic taste to more and more customers within the MENA region.


About Tim Hortons

Founded in 1964, Tim Hortons is Canada’s largest coffee chain, operating more than 5,100 outlets across 15 countries and regions, including the Middle East, China, UK, India, Pakistan, Spain, Mexico, Thailand, and the Philippines.

About AG Café

AG Café is a joint venture between the Apparel Group, a global fashion and lifestyle retail conglomerate, and Gateway Partners, an emerging markets alternative investment firm..

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