Abu Dhabi: Al Maryah Community Bank, a leading digital bank in the United Arab Emirates, is the first and only banking platform in the Emirates that has developed for its customers an innovative solution to digitally create National Investment Numbers (NINs) for investing in both Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange (ADX) and Dubai Financial Market (DFM) and self-subscribe to Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) through Mbank’s mobile application and online channels.  

In close collaboration with both Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange and Dubai Financial Market, this will facilitate the IPO subscription process in both stock markets by offering this one-of-a-kind service in the UAE whereby investors can generate NINs for both just by downloading the Mbank UAE mobile application, opening an account, and creating their investment numbers; in preparation for the upcoming IPO listings – instead of heading onto separate independent platforms to generate a NIN for each stock market at a time.

As a community bank, Mbank focuses on its commitment to encourage investments and savings, as they are essential aspects of building wealth and having a secure financial future. Through this collaboration, Mbank encourages investors to venture into stock markets by providing them with a secure digital solution to do so and facilitating their subscription process to IPOs, ultimately leading the way to an upgraded and advanced overall economy.

The entire process of downloading the Mbank UAE app and opening an account can be done in less than five minutes by using only an Emirates ID or UAE Pass. No minimum balance is required, and there are no fees incurred whatsoever. In just a few clicks on the app, investors can generate their NINs and get ready for their upcoming investment journey on both ADX and DFM.

By offering this service to its customers, Al Maryah Community Bank distinguishes itself by being the first bank in the UAE to do so – all while offering a fully seamless digital IPO subscription process with up to five times leverage to increase investors’ shares allocation during their investments and boost their returns.

Al Maryah Community Bank continuously strives to create more ways for investors to participate in the National stock markets by enabling fast, seamless, and simple facilitations in preparation for upcoming IPOs. By adding this feature to its mobile application, Mbank customers can now rest assured that they can begin a great investment journey in just a few clicks – all through the screen of their smartphones.

Commenting on this unique service, Head of Strategic Planning & Product Development, Nouman Aziz said: “At Al Maryah Community Bank, we take pride in providing our community with initiatives that encourage them to venture onto their investment journeys and participate in the market. We are particularly thankful for Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange and Dubai Financial Market’s continuous collaboration and support in enabling us to provide customers with the best digital solutions in the banking and investment industries; while ultimately promoting the UAE community’s economic growth”.

He added: “We are honored to have provided our customers with the ease of obtaining investor numbers, which in turn facilitated their subscription to IPOs through the bank’s mobile application (Mbank UAE) without the need to physically visit the bank or go through the hassle of submitting any paperwork. We are certain that our cooperation with ADX and DFM will strengthen and allow us to offer more innovative digital banking transformative services in the future”.

Al Maryah Community Bank has participated in several IPO listings as a Subscriptions Receiving Bank during the year 2022 which has generated more than 20% returns and will continue to be a major contributor to the upcoming IPOs in 2023.

Al Maryah Community Bank, UAE’s first fully integrated Digital Bank offers an omnichannel experience to individual consumers and small businesses.

Al Maryah Community Bank is a specialized bank, focusing on growth and serving the UAE community; UAE Nationals, Residents, and Businesses (SMEs and Corporates), in line with the vision of the UAE leaders in supporting individuals and small businesses within the UAE economy and fostering a futuristic culture by employing forward-thinking concepts driven by innovation and technology.