Cairo:- Tadbiir for Leasing and Factoring Company, your companion hub for sustainable financial growth, has officially announced the launch of its non-banking financial services to better support the Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs) operating in Egypt. Within the initial phase, the company launched both Leasing and Factoring services to help improve the financial environment for its customers in particular and society in general, in line with the Egyptian government's strategic vision towards financial inclusion.

“Our customer-centric strategy is mainly designed with a concrete vision and clear objectives to serve and support small and medium-sized companies, which constitute the largest share of companies in the Industrial, Commercial & Service sectors in Egypt in terms of employment and productivity,” Ahmed Kamal Selim, Founder, CEO, and Board Member - Tadbiir for Leasing and Factoring, said as he expressed delight for the launch. “From this standpoint, we were driven on supporting the SMEs sector once we secured the Financial Regulatory Authority (FRA)’s approval to offer Leasing & Factoring services under Tadbiir with a paid-up Capital of EGP 100 million.  Tadbiir launched operations in Q4-2022 and successfully issued EGP 110 million in loans since then.

Selim went on to say, “The launch of Tadbiir and its ambitious future expansion plan in the meantime reflects our confidence in the Egyptian market as well as our belief in our ability to provide innovative solutions to small and medium-sized enterprises.”

Meanwhile, Amir Kirollos, Founder and Board Member - Tadbiir for Leasing and Factoring, said “At Tadbiir, we place great emphasis on supporting SMEs companies operating in various sectors such as Technology, Contracting, Agriculture, Telecommunications, Tourism and Retail by providing essential Financing solutions to support their Working Capital requirements through Factoring services or Fixed Assets purchases through Leasing Services.”

Tadbiir's strategy, according to Kirollos, focuses on supporting the SMEs sector which 47% of its companies still do not have banking services.  This highlights the great need for tailored financial services for SMEs given their important role in supporting the Egyptian economy especially during the current international economic challenges and their impact on the local economy.

Furthermore, Karim Rizk, Founder and Chief Risk Officer - Tadbiir for Leasing and Factoring, highlighted the company’s focus on adapting quickly to the ever-changing needs within the Egyptian market, while ensuring a higher approval rate for applicants’ requests in a way that does not contradict with the creditworthiness and quality of our service.

Rizk further pointed to Tadbiir’s quick turnaround time, which usually takes up to five working days, depending on the expertise and efficiency of Tadbiir’s internal Customer Service, Investigation and Risk Departments to analyze the client’s request thoroughly and accurately. This comes in addition to the company’s unique advisory role to support customers while contributing to solving the financial problems they face in a pragmatic and agile manner; achieving mutual growth for both Tadbiir and its customers.

Tadbiir is a full-fledged financing company, a subsidiary of Edge Holding for Investments Company, chaired by Mrs. Amal Ragheb. Tadbiir kicked off its operations in the market during Q4 of 2022 establishing its first office in Cairo. More offices are expected to be opened by the end of this year, with plans to expand in the Delta and Upper Egypt by the end of 2024.


About Tadbiir:

Operating under the supervision of the Financial Regulatory Authority, Tadbiir for Leasing and Factoring first launched its services in the last quarter of 2022 to offer its specialized financing services in the Egyptian market. Tadbiir finances assets of all kinds for its corporate clients through leasing, in addition to funding the working capital through factoring services.