SICO in collaboration with the Supreme Council of Women (SCW), announced today the successful conclusion of the "Trading in Financial Markets" programme empowering 44 Bahraini women with valuable knowledge and experience in global financial market trading. The programme covered trading fundamentals, various types of investment instruments, stock market analysis, developing trading strategies, and risk management.

The programme's winners were Fatima Ashoor for achieving the highest P&L, Fatima Alyaqoot for achieving the highest risk-adjusted return, and Maryam Alkarrani for achieving the highest win rate. The winners received several prizes, including the opening of an account on the trading platform, SICO LIVE, with a cash amount to support the initiation of their trading.

Her Excellency Sheikha Dina bint Rashid Al Khalifa, Assistant Secretary-General of the Supreme Council for Women, commended all programme participants for their commitment to attending sessions and benefiting from its valuable content. She affirmed the provision of support and assistance to the programme’s affiliates in collaboration with SICO to continue their journey in stock trading. She also highlighted the significant benefits to be gained for all participants from their experience and newly acquired skills during the programme in various aspects of their professional lives. She also acknowledged the outcomes of the programme, confirming its achievement of goals in enhancing the skills of Bahraini women in trading and investment in financial markets.

Sheikha Dina also emphasised the programme’s aims of encouraging practical experience in stock markets, promoting financial literacy, establishing the foundations of savings, and enhancing financial knowledge among women in the Kingdom of Bahrain. She clarified that this programme is one of the tools within the professional guidance programme for Bahraini women, through which the Supreme Council for Women supports women's participation in promising sectors of the workforce.

Najla Al Shirawi, CEO of SICO, expressed her pride in the successful partnership with the Supreme Council of Women, stating, “SICO is proud of the results of the programme and we look forward to continuing to work with SCW. We are committed to supporting national initiatives and the SCW’s efforts to empower Bahraini women by gaining experience in financial markets to enhance financial literacy, which is a key motivator for achieving financial independence. We look forward to the participants leveraging the skills acquired in this programme to invest in financial markets."

To create a realistic trading experience, participants accessed a virtual trading platform that simulated the environment of global trading platforms. They were provided with a virtual sum of money to practice trading without risking actual funds. Real market data, including stock prices and market trends, was made available to assist participants in making informed and successful trading decisions.