• Technology experts address how hotel operators can enhance sustainability and operational efficiency
  • EcoStruxure Connected Room Solutions allows personalized experiences and intuitive room control of temperature, lighting, housekeeping and more
  • Cedric Sala: Decision makers within the hospitality industry need to leverage the newest technologies to address serious challenges of rising demand and labour shortages

Cairo, Egypt: In an effort to enrich one of Egypt’s top travel destinations with the latest in digital solutions, Schneider Electric, the leader in the digital transformation of energy management and automation, held a one-day event titled “Innovation Day: EcoStruxure for Hotels in Sharm El-Sheikh” for professionals within the hospitality industry in Sharm El-Sheikh.

In the presence of partners working across the hospitality industry, Schneider Electric’s experts discussed how the EcoStruxure platform is designed to enhance hotels’ sustainability and operational efficiency through decreasing energy consumption, providing safety solutions for employees and guests, enhancing people centricity, thus ensuring the highest levels of guests’ satisfaction and comfort.

This comes in line with the Egyptian government’s direction and key theme for 2022 as the year of sustainability where Egypt is hosting the UN’s COP27 next November in Sharm El-Sheikh, Schneider Electric is supporting the government’s current direction on tackling environmental challenges and driving green transformation, by offering the necessary products, services, and expertise to facilitate Sharm El-Sheikh’s transition into a sustainable and green city.

During the event, discussions further included how Schneider Electric’s solutions can be utilized to modernize and future-proof existing and future building management infrastructures. With the EcoStruxure Building platform securely connecting hardware, software, and services, it provides users with centralized, real-time control and management that helps maximize efficiency, optimize comfort and productivity, and increase building value. Furthermore, integrating Internet of Things (IoT) solutions, streamlines the transformation of buildings to smart ones by leveraging scalable, secure, and global architecture.

These efforts were evident through many of the government’s recent initiatives including encouraging all stakeholders to actively engage in climate action as well as endorsing green certificates to businesses operating in the hospitality industry in Sharm El Sheikh, thus, raising awareness and driving the use of solar and renewable energy technologies, energy conservation, and sustainable development.

“In today’s digital world, decision makers within the hospitality industry need to leverage the newest technologies to address serious challenges of rising demand, labour shortages, and the ever-increasing guests’ expectations,” stressed Cedric Sala, Hotel Segment Director, Middle East, and Africa at Schneider Electric.

“We are happy to fulfil our role in supporting the hospitality industry by empowering professionals with the last smart solutions that they can seamlessly implement to help ensure a healthy, safe, and comfortable stay for their guests, as well as optimize efficiency and sustainability across all business facilities,” added Sala.

“We support the government’s direction to support the hospitality industry in delivering better services for guests and more efficient outcomes for businesses. With sustainability at the core of our purpose, culture, and business, we are focused on three main revolutionary pillars: design, operational efficiency, and delivering the guests’ expectations. Our EcoStruxure platform and IoT solutions can address these changes in a simple, easy, and guest-centric approach,” explained Bassem El-Arabawy, Hotel Segment Leader for NEAL Cluster at Schneider Electric.

“Our aim is to empower hospitality professionals with solutions to improve financial performance, reduce carbon emissions and energy costs, and reinvest savings into the guest experience,” added El-Arabawy.

It is worth noting that hotels demand simple integration across systems and easy access to IoT devices, so with EcoStruxure Building Operation, building managers can integrate and facilitate data exchange from multiple systems to improve staff productivity, enable superior guest room functionality, and reduce guest complaints. Furthermore, Schneider Electric’s EcoStruxure Connected Room Solutions offers guests personalized experiences and intuitive room control of temperature, lighting, housekeeping, and much more, using modern room sensors and elegantly designed guest-facing controls.


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