Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates – Visionize Technology, the leading provider of automation solutions for hotel F&B operations, is proud to announce new features and developments that will help increase the speed and capacity of its services to meet the growing demands of its clients.

The developments are part of Visionize Technology's commitment to delivering innovative solutions that help hotels stay ahead in today's fast-paced environment. The new capabilities will enable clients to better manage their operations and enhance their guest experience.

This includes an enhanced dashboard that provides real-time insights into key performance indicators, such as the best performing team members of the department by rank and more detailed clearance reports with the automatic ability to differentiate between trays versus trolleys within rooms and corridors. Additionally, kitchens display software is now available with action buttons of order completion or delays. This enables Visionize to further monitor and communicate data between members of the department and guests, in order to address any issues and enhance the guest experience.

"We are thrilled to introduce these new features and developments to our clients," said Mazen Chedid, Founder and CEO of Visionize Technology. "We recognize the importance of staying ahead of the curve in the hospitality industry and are committed to providing our clients with the latest and most innovative solutions."

Visionize Technology has also increased the capacity of its servers and databases by 50% to meet the growing demands of its regional clientele. This includes an upgraded infrastructure that provides up to 80% faster speed and greater reliability, ensuring that clients can access their data and services quickly and securely.

"By investing in our infrastructure and capabilities, we are ensuring that our clients have the tools they need to facilitate their operations and deliver exceptional guest experiences," said Chedid. "We are committed to being a trusted partner to our clients and delivering the highest level of service and support."

Our systems are designed to handle a large number of tasks that would normally be carried out by hotel Room Service staff. In addition, it can comprehensively monitor food and beverage (F&B) operations within a hotel, including staff, kitchen, and a clearance system, which tracks all orders and significantly reduces human effort and time. Visionize Technology also offers the ability to increase revenue and average spending across all properties in the region. This is achieved through built-in intelligent marketing and upselling features, as well as an exceptional visual experience and a seamless bilingual interface. Visionize Technology creates custom code for each hotel in its rapidly expanding portfolio, which currently includes hotels in the UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Jordan and Iraq. These customization features are tailored to meet the specific requirements of each hotel, including language, guest demographics, and specific task automation for various operations.

The team at Visionize believes the potential applications of AI are boundless. Companies are shifting away from automated solutions that rely on routine rules, such as chatbots, and toward intelligent cognitive systems that analyze data, interact with users in a more human-like manner, and continuously learn. By incorporating deep learning principles, the hospitality industry can offer personalized service, resulting in enhanced value and a more unforgettable experience for guests. Every department in a hotel, from F&B to Housekeeping and Front Desk, can benefit from automation and AI. With the rise in the number of hotel guests, it is essential to provide highly personalized services while taking into account guest preferences, which is where AI can be incredibly useful.

With these new features and developments, Visionize Technology continues to demonstrate its leadership in the hospitality industry and its commitment to helping hotels and hospitality businesses thrive in today's digital landscape.