During Saudi’s leading tech event LEAP 2023, being held between February 7th-9th in Riyadh KSA, IR4LAB, a Saudi-based company specialized in disruptive technologies such as Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence., and SGS (Saudi Ground Services), jointly announced the implementation of DocCerts Blockchain management solution for all training related digital documents and ground service equipment licenses issued by SGS at 28 Saudi Arabian airports where SGS provides ground services.

The Blockchain enabled solution will allow SGS to issue over 10,000 digital documents annually including licenses.

Document verification is one of the major challenges internationally. DocCerts is a solution developed to solve these issues by utilizing the power of Blockchain Technology.

Eng. Ayman Alghamdi, Vice President of Human Resources, at SGS, said: “We are very pleased to be announcing this groundbreaking solution at LEAP 2023. This is a historical moment and it’s the first initiative of its kind in the aviation industry. SGS delivers services to over 88 million passengers on 690,000 flights a year. Using DocCerts Blockchain solution at KSA airports we will be able verify documents and licenses easily, securely and efficiently improving customers’ experience. We are proud to be working towards achieving Saudi Arabia’s vision 2030 through these efforts.”

Airport ground services support smooth aircraft operations. Functions carried out through these services include delivery of passenger services, baggage handling, ramping, traffic control, load control and fleet solutions. According to Expert Market Research, global Airport Ground Market Size will grow at a CAGR of 10.40% in the Forecast Period of 2023-2028

Majd Jamal Alafifi, Co-founder & CEO of IR4LAB stated: “IR4LAB was Saudi Aramco’s first blockchain technology investment in the Kingdom given that we are committed to increasing the tech adoption in the country as well as building local capabilities. The agreement today with SGS is a clear example of the fruitful collaboration between local blockchain tech startups and leading local companies in the adoption of new technologies such as blockchain. We look forward to more agreements with other players in KSA as part of the aim to achieve Saudi’s 2030 vision and lead the way locally and globally.”

Mohamed EL KANDRI, Co-Founder & CTO IR4LAB added: “This is an important milestone for the aviation industry not only in KSA but worldwide. Our customizable solution DocCerts allows any organization to create documents for their recipients using digital signatures that are then issued on the blockchain. This enables all stakeholders to verify them securely in real-time making the ground service offering in KSA airports safer, quicker, and more transparent.”


About IR4LAB

Saudi-Based innovation-driven company specialized in disruptive technologies such as Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence. IR4LAB is Saudi Aramco's First Blockchain Technology investment in Saudi Arabia.IR4LAB is committed to increasing advanced technologies adoption in Saudi Arabia and the world by implementing new business models or improving existing processes, most notably building local capabilities that can contribute greatly to achieve Saudi 2030 vision.



About SGS

Saudi Ground Services Company provides ground-handling of passengers and aircraft. The Company focuses on baggage handling, cargo and offloading, fleet cleaning, traffic control, ground transport, ramp, and passenger services. Saudi Ground Services serves customers in Saudi Arabia. SGS handles over 88 million passengers on 690,000 flights per year. https://www.saudiags.com/