Dubai, UAE - Realiste, a leading artificial intelligence company in the UAE, has recently launched its new product, SIRI. It is designed specifically for real estate agents from across the globe, including India and China. It allows them to choose and purchase the best off-plan apartments in Dubai remotely for their clients.

Realiste develops cutting-edge AI-based products that streamline and accelerate the real estate investment process, including searching for hidden gems and purchasing them. The team targets primarily real estate investors but notes that these products can benefit all real estate market players, including realtors.

The company has already attracted attention from realtors across the globe who want to purchase property in Dubai for their clients remotely. Realiste offers real estate agents closing deals on special terms. They can get from 55 percent to 80 percent of developers’ commissions from every deal, says co-founder and CEO at Realiste Alex Galtsev. ‘We want to streamline a real estate investing process for both realtors and their clients and help them increase their capital.’

In addition, realtors can use a range of Realiste’s innovative tools like ‘Index’, ‘Estimation’, and ‘Best Deals’. Those can help them to provide their clients with the best options and all the analytics investors need to make informed decisions. Realiste’s tools instantly calculate the current prices of different apartments in all districts of Dubai, compare them and identify 1 percent of the most promising lots in terms of current prices and future growth. In addition, Realiste’s AI builds forecasts for future appreciation rates for the next three years, rental yields, and investment returns, among others.

Secondly, Realiste's products highlight the most overpriced and underestimated areas of Dubai. Realtors can now identify the best areas for their clients and help them invest wisely in the Dubai property market.

Thirdly the company's products allow for the ranking of apartments and locations in Dubai based on various criteria such as future growth, current prices, etc. Furthermore, realtors can now identify the best developers in Dubai regarding future income and see where and what they are currently building in the Emirate. Realtors can understand which developers to work with and which apartments to recommend to their clients.

Finally, using Realiste's tools, agents can provide their clients with a clear explanation of the factors behind the growth of any apartment and location on the market. This feature can help realtors communicate effectively with their clients and provide them with insightful information, says Alex Galtsev: ‘We are proud to offer our innovative products to realtors worldwide. We believe that these technologies can benefit realtors and help them increase the capital inflow of their clients and gain more trust in the market.’

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