Petra Mobile Payment Services, known as Orange Money, signed a Memorandum of Understanding with LivaatVerse, the first Arab Metaverse platform, to officially mark the mobile wallet’s entry to the Metaverse by building its Digital Twin using the LivaatVerse technology and becoming Jordan’s exclusive mobile wallet for financial transactions in LivaatVerse.

Engineer Sami Smeirat, Chairman of Orange Money, stressed that this step comes in line with Orange Money's strategy of adopting the latest technological developments to be a multi-service operator, noting that Orange Money has become the first in the number of open wallets which exceeded 700 thousand, and the highest in volume of transactions, according to data from official sources, and the largest among PSPs in Jordan.

Mr. Wilfred Yver, Chief Digital, Data, Innovation and Money Officer at Orange Jordan, said that Orange Money’s milestones in a record period reflect Orange Jordan's continuous efforts to remain at the forefront of digital transformation and embody its firm belief in the role of Orange Money as an integrated digital solution that facilitates fast, safe financial transactions in Jordan.

Engineer Hiba Al Shareef, General Manager of Orange Money, stated that the company will carry on to be a pioneer in enriching the mobile payments sector, noting that the new step is aligned with Orange Money’s leaps and strategic vision to be the first mobile wallet provider, and among the first international pioneers, to step into the Metaverse and offer digital payment solutions on its platforms.

Mr. Walid Hamdan, CEO and partner of Ultra Brains Investment & Trading (UBITC) Group, asserted that, through this step, Orange Money will play an integral role in developing the infrastructure for the mobile payments sector towards a smart and sustainable future, in line with rapid developments. Payment gateways will be established for all sectors soon based on simulation technology of reality, to ensure a safer environment and increase the number of people carrying out online digital payments in LivaatVerse, he added.

For his part, Mr. Mohamed Ismail, co-founder of UBITC and owner and developer of LivaatVerse, said: “Orange Money’s presence in LivaatVerse will be the support that companies in all sectors need to keep abreast of the latest and most advanced technological breakthroughs and utilize these breakthroughs to build fast and sustainable communication and interaction means, supported by virtual reality, augmented reality, and artificial intelligence technologies, to facilitate the work of providers in this sector.

LivaatVerse was created to be a real metaverse that aims to serve the community. The developer has come a long way in building the infrastructure for the Metaverse, comprising integrated units supporting and managing this virtual world, which Orange Money will be a part of, under the agreement.