Kuwait: Telecommunications leader, Ooredoo Kuwait, is once again taking the lead in promoting environmental sustainability, commemorating World Environment Day with a new campaign - dedicated to supporting local agricultural businesses and highlighting their contribution to society and the environment.

This campaign underscores the importance of sustainable agriculture and the benefits of prioritizing locally produced goods. As part of its social responsibility agenda, Ooredoo is committed to advancing the economy and improving environmental health, aligning with its overarching vision for sustainability.

Timed to coincide with World Environment Day, Ooredoo’s campaign aims to engage the community by supporting local agricultural businesses, including Greenfields Agriculture Co. The initiative showcases sustainable farming practices and educates the public on the critical role of green agriculture in enhancing food security and protecting the environment.

It serves to mention that Greenfields Agriculture Co. stands out as a leader in sustainable agriculture, implementing top environmental practices that balance agricultural production with ecological preservation. Through advanced farming techniques and innovative approaches, the company aids in soil and water conservation, reduces carbon emissions, and maintains high productivity without environmental harm. This commitment improves the quality of agricultural products and benefits consumer health.

As part of the campaign, Ooredoo Kuwait conducted an interview with Mrs. Sheikha Al-Hajri, Project Manager at Dar Sheikha and Greenfields Agriculture Co. During her podcast with Ooredoo, she outlined the ambitious vision for advancing the agricultural sector and enhancing sustainable, green agriculture for a cleaner, pollution-free future.

Al-Hajri explained during her interview with Ooredoo that the primary motivation behind the Greenfields Agriculture Co work stems from a sense of national pride and a desire to transform Kuwait's structural landscape by increasing green spaces in the country. She expressed her wish for a long-term greening plan for Kuwait and emphasized the importance of raising awareness among young generations about the significance of agriculture and its substantial positive impact on the environment and sustainability.

During her podcast, Al-Hajri also highlighted the importance of collaboration between the private sector and agricultural companies to achieve sustainable development goals. She noted the positive impact of these partnerships on stimulating the local economy and diversifying income sources. Al-Hajri also expressed pride in Ooredoo’s efforts to support local communities and foster environmental initiatives.

Nasser Al-Abdullah, Director of Marketing Communications and Social Media at Ooredoo Kuwait, stated, "At Ooredoo Kuwait, we are dedicated to promoting green agriculture and equipping the agricultural sector with the necessary tools for environmental sustainability and climate stability for future generations."

Adding to his statement, Al-Abdullah reiterating  that "Through Ooredoo Kuwait's environmental campaign, we strive to raise environmental awareness across all segments of society, fostering a deeper understanding of the need for sustainable agricultural practices. This initiative aims to address current challenges and prevent future environmental issues."

Ooredoo Kuwait acknowledges the vital role of environmental initiatives in Kuwait, therefore, it looks forward to strengthening partnerships with these initiatives to secure natural resources and achieve environmental balance. By supporting sustainable agriculture, Ooredoo contributes to food security, resource preservation, and reducing reliance on food imports, thereby bolstering the national economy.