Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: Munjz, the Saudi-based prop-tech cloud platform, announced its strategic partnerships with six regional industry giants. The signings took place on the 12 & 13 of September at the Cityscape Global Exhibition, and represents the greater integration of the industry-leading company’s property management services across Saudi Arabian properties.

The recent signings include Munjz partnering with three real estate development companies, Osus Real Estate, Innovest Real Estate, and Jawdah Real Estate; two prop-tech companies, Deal App and Aqar App; and one investment company, Nawat Investment. With all companies strongly positioned within the Saudi real estate development and investment market, Munjz strategically places itself amidst the nexus of the industry. By incorporating its platform and integrating its services to these companies, the prop-tech platform increases the spread of technological efficiency across the Kingdom.

Munjz is committed to aiding the growth of real estate by providing services and support to both commercial and residential property owners. Osus, one of Saudi Arabia’s leading real estate development companies and Munjz’s newest partner, will be able to utilize the prop-tech platform in maintaining and serving all its properties, utilizing the efficiency of Munjz’s services. "We look forward to this journey with Munjz as our valued partner. Munjz's cutting-edge prop-tech platform will enable us to manage our extensive portfolio of properties efficiently. With our newly signed partnership, we believe that the platform's innovative solutions will empower us to provide a higher level of service and excellence to our valued clients and properties,” said Mohammad Almujaidel, CEO of Osus Real Estate.

Abdullah AlDaij, Founder and CEO of Munjz, shared a statement on the partnership saying, "Munjz's commitment to revolutionizing property management through these strategic partnerships is in alignment with the Saudi Vision 2030. Through the platform our partners are able to manage their properties all in one place. Osus is one of Saudi’s oldest real estate development companies, and with Munjz, they will be able to easily control the management processes of each property in their portfolio .”

Munjz will not only facilitate maintenance to its new partners, but also streamlines communication between users on the platform. Deal App, one of Munjz’s newest tech partners, will be able to integrate its business and connect with real estate developers, driving its growth. As both a brokerage and property listings app, the partnership facilitates a new two way market for both sides where brokers have the ability to now increase sales and revenue through Munjz's app, in turn allowing the real estate developers to have access to more certified brokers.

Salah Alswaidan, CEO of Deal App, stated “We recognize the immense potential of our partnership with Munjz in enhancing our services. Our platform, designed to connect buyers, sellers, and brokers, thrives on providing optimal user experiences. By integrating with Munjz's innovative prop-tech platform, we gain access to data and a vast network of real estate developers, thus deepening our market segmentation capabilities.”

Jassem Al Omran, COO of Munjz, reiterated saying, “The synergy these partnerships bring to the table will allow Munjz to enhance the services and continue to be at the forefront of revolutionizing the property management landscape. Our prop-tech platform is designed to offer a comprehensive property management and also to encourage and facilitate effective communication among users.”

Munjz's platform encompasses the entire property management process by acting as a central hub that connects property owners, residents, facility managers, service providers, and vendors. Whether it's handling maintenance requests, processing orders, or managing tasks, users benefit from the complete control of the maintenance process, allowing for total oversight from start to finish.

As Munjz continues to propel the industry forward, the partnerships signed at the Cityscape Global Exhibition are poised to be a pivotal turning point in the future of property management. Munjz continues to strive towards collaboration, networking, and presenting pioneering technologies. The proptech company aims to set new benchmarks for efficiency, growth, and collaboration within the sector.

About Munjz

Munjz, headquartered in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, is a PropTech solution platform that has been at the forefront of revolutionizing the property management landscape since its establishment in 2017. Originally starting out as a B2C-focused entity, Munjz strategically changed to a B2B-oriented approach in 2021. Munjz’s property management platform unifies property owners, managers, residents, and service providers to streamline their operations. Ushering in a new era of digital efficiency, Munjz is bolstered by visionary leadership, strategic alliances, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. Munjz is available and operates in 17 cities across Saudi.

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