The Public Establishment for Industrial Estates “Madayn”, in cooperation with the Industrial Innovation Academy, has launched ‘Khabrat Madayn’ initiative to integrate its retirees’ expertise and effectively utilise their knowledge into Madayn’s projects and programmes. This initiative was announced during the annual gathering of Madayn retirees, held under the patronage of His Excellency Dr. Saleh bin Said Masan, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Investment Promotion for Commerce and Industry, and in the presence of Eng. Dawood bin Salim Al Hadabi, CEO of Madayn, and more than 50 retirees.

Speaking at the event, Ahmed bin Ali Al Hinai, Director of Social Responsibility Department at Madayn, said: "This initiative falls under Madayn’s social responsibility initiatives and its concept revolves around utilising the expertise of retired individuals who have served at Madayn. The initiative aims to establish a database of retired Madayn experts according to their specialties, reduce reliance on external parties for implementing services required by Madayn projects and the subsidiary companies under Mubadrah Company, and achieve this by offering training programmes in specialised fields and providing direct services based on expertise. The initial focus of the initiative will be on human resources, administrative affairs, information technology, Industry 4.0, finance, accounting, and investment.”

Al Hinai emphasised that the annual gathering of Madayn retirees embodies its profound belief in the value of its work and employees, while also expressing genuine appreciation for the collective efforts that have contributed to Madayn’s success and growth over the years.

“The widespread presence of industrial cities in various governorates of the Sultanate of Oman, spanning a total area exceeding 122,000 km2, and the value of investments surpassing RO 7.2 billion, are clear indicators of Madayn’s achievements and the efficiency of its workforce,” he said, adding: “In recent years, Madayn has launched numerous activities and initiatives related to social responsibility, driven by its commitment to actively pursue the policies and goals set for Madayn in this regard. Madayn continues this approach through this annual gathering, announcing a new initiative in the field of social responsibility, aimed at connecting its retirees with current employees.”

Speaking on behalf of the retirees of Madayn, Hamad bin Salim Al Mahdali emphasised that the profound connection and strong ties among coworkers have proven to be invaluable assets in personal and career endeavours. Al Mahdali expressed the retirees’ gratitude for being part of Madayn’s family and contributing expertise in various fields as the gathering offers an excellent opportunity for the retirees to reconnect with colleagues and reminisce about their shared experiences in serving the nation.

Madayn’s annual gathering for retirees acknowledges the significance of reconnecting and maintaining communication with the experienced workforce, while also fostering open discussions to facilitate the sharing of perspectives, ideas, and past experiences. ‘Khabrat Madayn’ initiative aims at recognising the retired employees for their outstanding service, commemorating their years of dedication and their significant contributions to Madayn’s growth and success since its establishment in 1993.