Abu Dhabi, UAE: Etihad Credit Bureau the federal entity that provides information and analytics to support credit decisions, has announced a collaboration with TAMM, the Abu Dhabi government services platform, under the umbrella of the Department of Government Enablement – Abu Dhabi (DGE).

Through this Collaboration, users of the TAMM platform will have seamless access to their individual Credit Report and Credit Score by simply logging into TAMM App, users can quickly obtain these vital insights through one click.

Commenting on this occasion, H.E. Marwan Ahmad Lutfi, Director General of Etihad Credit Bureau, said: “In line with the vision and directives of our government, Etihad Credit Bureau continues its endeavors to strengthen the efforts of integration between federal and government entities in order to improve the services they provide. To facilitate and enhance the customer experience, all individuals in Abu Dhabi Unified Government Services Platform “TAMM” can login and obtain their Credit Reports and Credit Score with click of a button and without need to register their personal data with Etihad Credit Bureau".

Marwan Lutfi added: “That this first-of-its-kind connection with a local government entity via application programming interfaces (API) will open new horizons for managing and exchanging data between government platforms. This initiative simplifies the customer journey and eliminates bureaucracy.”

This collaboration between the two government entities  will contribute to laying the foundations for an environment that enhances innovation in the field of digital government services, as Etihad Credit Bureau works to collect credit information from banks, finance companies, telecommunication companies, all federal and local courts, Etihad Water and Electricity Company, Abu Dhabi Distribution Company and Al Ain Distribution Company in a database that includes more than  17 million customers and over 30 million service and credit facilities contracts.

Etihad Credit Bureau provides Credit Reports and Credit Scores products for individuals and companies. The Credit Report includes all credit information in detail, while the Credit Score is a three-digit number that predicts the likelihood of an individual or a company to miss payments in the next 12 months. The Credit Score for customers ranges between 300 points as a minimum to 900 points as a maximum.


About "Al Etihad Credit Bureau"

Al Etihad Credit Bureau" is a federal entity wholly owned by the federal government of the United Arab Emirates. It has been established as per the Federal Law No. (6) of 2010 regarding credit information and its amendment by the Federal Decree Law No. 8 of 2020. Under this law and its amendments, the company shall be responsible for requesting and organizing the process of collection, preservation, analysis, classification, use and publication of credit information. After that, this information shall be produced into a variety of credit-related products within a fully digital process. For more information, please visit www.etihadbureau.ae or download “Al Etihad Credit Bureau” application, available on the App Store and Google Play.

For further information, please contact:
Bachar Dib
Senior Associate – Community Engagement
Email: BacharD@aecb.gov.ae