​​​Dubai, UAE — At the COP 28 event in the United Arab Emirates, a significant partnership was forged through the signing of a Non-Honoring of Sovereign Financial Obligation (NHSFO) agreement between The Islamic Corporation for the Insurance of Investment and Export Credits (ICIEC), a multilateral credit and political risk insurer and a member of the IsDB Group and Standard Chartered, a leading international cross-border bank.This pivotal agreement represents a major step in sustainable development and will support the funding of a key project for the Senegal government’s Ministry of Finance aimed at procuring and installing50,000 off-grid solar powered streetlamps across Senegal’s rural areas signifying substantial progress in the nation’s pursuit of renewable energy.

The agreement was officially signed by Mr. Oussama Kaissi, CEO of ICIEC, and Mr. Sunil Kaushal, CEO of Standard Chartered, Africa and the Middle East. This ambitious project, valued at EUR 103 million aims to harness solar energy to power streetlights across Senegal's rural areas, improving the quality of life, and supporting economic activities reliant on consistent energy access. It promises enhanced safety and security through well-lit streets, extending business hours, encouraging community gatherings, and fostering local economic growth. Environmentally, the project underscores the importance of reducing carbon emissions and adopting eco-friendly energy practices.

Reflecting on the agreement, the CEO of ICIEC stated, "Our collaboration with Standard Chartered for the solar streetlight project in Senegal is a testament to our commitment to sustainable development in our member states. This initiative is not just about illuminating streets; it's about empowering communities, enhancing safety, and sparking economic growth in rural areas. By harnessing the power of solar energy, we are taking a significant step towards energy independence and security in Senegal, aligning perfectly with Sustainable Development Goals 7, 11, 10, and 17."

Mr. Sunil Kaushal, CEO of Standard Chartered Africa and Middle East, said, “Our continued partnership with ICIEC has supported strategic infrastructure projects in Senegal, making it the first Green Loan provided by the Bank to the Republic. The installation of solar-powered streetlamps will uplift the lives of local communities while supporting the Senegalese government’s climate goals. The Bank will continue to drive the development of the AME region by identifying financing opportunities for key infrastructure projects across a range of sectors.”

About The Islamic Corporation for the Insurance of Investment and Export Credit (ICIEC)

ICIEC commenced operations in 1994 to strengthen economic relations between OIC Member States, promote intra-OIC trade, and facilitate investments by providing risk mitigation tools and financial solutions. The Corporation is uniquely the only Islamic multilateral insurer in the world. It has delivered a comprehensive suite of solutions and services to the public and private in its 49 Member States and globally. The products' suite includes Documentary Credit Insurance Cover, Credit Insurance Cover, Bank Master Policy, Non-Honouring of Sovereign Financial Obligation, and Investment Insurance Products. ICIEC has maintained for 15 consecutive years an "Aa3" insurance financial strength credit rating from Moody's, ranking the Corporation among the top of the Credit and Political Risk Insurance (CPRI) Industry. ICIEC's resilience is underpinned by its sound underwriting, reinsurance, and risk management policies. Cumulatively, ICIEC has insured more than US$ 100bn in trade and investment directed to specific sectors - energy, manufacturing, infrastructure, healthcare, and agriculture.

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