Riyadh: Halal Products Development Company (HDPC), wholly owned by the Public Investment Fund of Saudi Arabia, and US-based Eat Just Inc., a pioneer in innovative food products, have announced a strategic partnership.  Through the collaboration, HPDC will provide advisory solutions to help Eat Just obtain “Halal” certification and approvals needed to operate as a Halal food distributor. The partnership will also leverage HPDC’s services to help Eat Just develop a sustainable strategy to enter the Halal market, paving the way to export its products to both local and regional markets.

Commenting on the partnership, Mr. Fahad S. AlNuhait, Chief Executive Officer of HPDC, said: “We are proud to partner with Eat Just Inc., a leading company that has successfully created sustainable alternatives to dairy products, eggs, and meat. Through this alliance, Eat Just will benefit from HPDC’s review and support services to enhance its business and ensure that all its production stages are compatible with the principles and standards of the Halal market. Eat Just will also utilize our advisory department’s expertise to pass the official procedures required for securing Halal certification in Saudi Arabia and the world. Our partnership is certain to help accelerate the realization of the company’s ambitions to build a healthier, safer, and more sustainable food ecosystem across target markets.”

He further added that the cooperation will enable Eat Just to capitalize upon the opportunities available within the Halal products sector worldwide. “This aligns with HPDC’s endeavors to enrich the sector by creating awareness, stimulating its growth and empowering companies and institutions to obtain accreditation for Halal products,” added AlNuhait.

Supported by a global team of scientists and chefs working in more than twelve research fields, Eat Just uses a wide array of cutting-edge food industry technologies, most notably: the production of plant proteins and the cultivation of animal cells, to develop and market plant-based alternatives to produce.

HPDC continues its efforts to develop a vibrant, dynamic ecosystem for Halal products in the Kingdom by localizing the sector, promoting exports, and maximizing the value provided to its local and international partners. With this strategy, the company aims to consolidate Saudi Arabia’s position as a leading global center for Halal products.


About Halal Products Development Company (HPDC)

Halal Products Development Company (HPDC), a wholly owned subsidiary of the Public Investment Fund (PIF), was established in 2022 with the aim to invest in localizing the Halal production industry in Saudi Arabia through partnerships with reputable local and international players. The company will focus on segments within the Halal industry including foods, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals to develop the market in Saudi Arabia and increase the efficiency and competitiveness of the ecosystem globally, while supporting the development of knowledge and innovation in this key industry. The company will further expand its capabilities by introducing various advanced services within the Halal space to support local businesses and small and medium-sized enterprises in Saudi Arabia.

More information about HPDC can be found at www.hpdc.sa

Contact: info@hpdc.sa