United Arab Emirates: In Dubai from October 30th to  November 1st , the global beauty industry will gather at Beautyworld Middle East 2023, the largest trade show in the industry dedicated to wellness, perfumes, and cosmetics in the Middle East. This major meeting place for manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and industry experts offers an ideal platform for showcasing the industry’s latest trends, innovations, products, and services.

For the 27th edition of the show, Business France, the national agency supporting the international development of the French economy, is organizing the French Pavilion with 100+ businesses. This highly anticipated participation is an opportunity for visitors to discover French sustainability and cutting-edge innovations in the beauty industry.

Located in hall 3, the French Buzz Zone, will serve as a hub for innovation, spotlighting seven French businesses selected for the quality of their products. This corner, dedicated to innovation aims to reflect the dynamism of the French cosmetics industry.

The latest developments in the industry

The continuously changing beauty industry is leading the way in shaping various significant trends that are revolutionizing the field. Presently, consumers prioritize the adoption of natural, clean beauty products that are made with the finest natural ingredients, all while being free from harmful substances. This commitment to purity and sustainability aligns with the fundamental principles deeply cherished by French cosmetics companies.

Axel Baroux, French Trade & Invest Commissioner stressed:” French cosmetics brands have long been dedicated to infusing their products with natural goodness, aligning seamlessly with the global drive towards positive impact and a steadfast commitment to the principles of sustainability and environmental responsibility.

Personalization is also a significant trend, with skincare tailored to individual needs. Sustainability and ethics are at the forefront, with growing demand for environmentally friendly products and responsible production practices. The beauty industry is also committed to being more inclusive, offering a more diverse range of skin tones and representing a wider variety of people. From another perspective, technology is playing a growing role, with innovations such as smart beauty devices.

France’s position as a world leader

Undoubtedly, France holds a pivotal position in the cosmetics industry, notably due to its substantial impact on beauty trends. France has consistently been celebrated for its proficiency in cosmetics and beauty items. Its top-tier products have gained a distinguished global reputation, owing to their groundbreaking characteristics and sophisticated formulations, developed in specialized cosmetics research laboratories. Furthermore, young companies draw advantages from the prestige of well-established luxury brands, which have cultivated genuine renown around “Made in France”, a hallmark of quality and prestige.

These factors have contributed to a 2.5% growth in the French cosmetics industry compared to 2021 and have enabled it to uphold a substantial market share of 22% in the United Arab Emirates.

An opportunity to accelerate the growth of Business France Marketplace in facilitating dynamic partnerships between middle eastern and French entities exhibitors.

Business France Cosmetics Marketplace aims to bolster French enterprises across a dedicated platform offering early exposure before an exhibition fostering connections and business. With the rise of e-commerce in global trade preferred by 70% to 80% of BtoB decision makers according to McKinsey and currently representing more than 25% of B2B trade—Business France invests in e-export solutions. Embracing e-commerce doesn't replace traditional export channels but supplements them, enabling more exporters and increasing the visibility of "Made in France" products. Business France's Marketplace democratizes e-commerce, providing free access for French companies to digitize their product catalog, aiming to make French SMEs visible internationally. French exhibitors from Business France Pavilion can be contacted directly through the platform here :  https://choosefrance-cosmetics.com/en/event/pavillon-france-beautyworld-middle-east-2023/companies#event-nav

For the 2023 edition of Beautyworld Middle East, Yves Rocher, the renowned beauty company in France and abroad, is the official partner of the French Pavilion at the show. A pioneer of botanical cosmetics, Yves Rocher is committed to sustainability, offering eco-friendly beauty products. This partnership underscores the shared commitment to natural goodness, sustainability, and positive impact in the cosmetics industry, promoting the best of eco-friendly beauty. 


French Exhibitors Catalogue: BEAUTYWORLD MIDDLE EAST 2023 (jpm-associes.com)


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Business France is the national agency supporting the international development of the French economy, responsible for the international development of companies and their exports, as well as promoting and facilitating international investment in France. It promotes France’s companies, business image, and nationwide attractiveness as an investment location and also runs the VIE international internship programme.

Business France has 1,500 employees working in France and 56 countries with a network of partners. Since January 2019, as part of the reform of the state support system for exports, Business France has given private-sector partners responsibility for supporting French SMEs and mid-size companies in the following markets: Belgium, Hungary, Morocco, Norway, the Philippines, and Singapore.

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