Amman, Jordan – Em Sherif Café, an innovative progression in the Levantine dining which originated in the center of Beirut, is pleased to announce its entry into the Jordanian market with the opening of an exquisite refined Café in Amman. Em Sherif Café has strategically opted to launch its first venue in the country in the prestigious Al Abdali area, where it will be welcoming guests to experience a timeless, sophisticated, and distinctive approach to the Lebanese cuisine and hospitality.

The acclaimed regional brand has been seeing an impressive expansion of its portfolio, currently managing a network of 20 restaurants spanned across 13 locations around the globe, from Beirut and Dubai to London and Monte-Carlo.

Em Sherif’s culinary approach – lead by Chef Mireille Hayek and Chef Yasmina Hayek - evokes cherished memories of home-cooked recipes and is known for extending the renowned warmth and generosity of the Lebanese culture to every guest.

Guests visiting Em Sherif Café will be treated to traditional Lebanese dishes from hot and cold mezzes to starters such as Hummus, Tabbouleh, Fattoush, Mloukhiyeh Bil Zeit and Batata Harra. The main courses menu features an ample offer of signature dishes such as Shawarma Lahme, Shawarma Djeij, Mashewe Mixed Grills, and flavorful sandwiches including Arayes Kafta and Asbit Djeij. Guests will also have the option to conclude their dining experience with a delectable assortment of delightful desserts, such as Riz Bi Halib, Meghli, Aysh Al Saraya, and Maamoul Jibneh, to name a few.

The design of the Amman venue embodies sophistication, with high-end details that amplify the venue’s overall aesthetic, creating an environment of refined luxury. The café's distinctive touch is also reflected in its customized crafted plates, a testament to its dedication to elevating its guests dining experience. The venue will allow guests to choose between a cozy indoor setting or the refreshing allure of an al fresco dining experience. With a seating capacity accommodating up to 164 guests, a well-appointed bar adds to the charm, offering a diverse range of beverages to complement the cuisine offerings.

Having firmly established itself as a renowned choice for unparalleled dining, Em Sherif Café assures guests an unwavering dedication to excellence and culinary creativity in every visit. Em Sherif Café Amman stands as a dining gem, offering a delightful experience that seamlessly merges taste and ambiance.

Location: Em Sherif Café Amman – Abdali district, Rafiq Al Hariri Ave, Amman, Jordan

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About Mireille Hayek – Founder, Em Sherif

Mireille Hayek, or “Em Sherif” is well known among the Lebanese and Arab society for her passion for cooking, her dedication to her restaurant and the satisfaction of her clientele. She takes traditional Arabic recipes and adds her special touch to make them unique and memorable. Mireille Hayek represents the passionate, talented, perseverant, detailed oriented woman who spends most of her time in the restaurant leading the whole show.

About Em Sherif Restaurant Group

In 2011, Mrs. Hayek opened what would go on to become the crown jewel of her flourishing restaurant empire, Em Sherif - which translates to “the mother of Sherif” in Arabic. It is a fine dining restaurant that exhibits Hayek’s both traditional, refined, and certainly very unique take on the multifaceted Lebanese cuisine, that triggers fond memories of home cooking while simultaneously delivering a luxurious, first-class dining experience. Since, the opening of the Em Sherif restaurant, Hayek and her team have also gone on to open the very successful Em Sherif Café, Em Sherif Sea Café, and Em Sherif Deli branch concepts.

Through its local operation in Lebanon and the franchise partners, Em Sherif currently operates 20 restaurants across 13 locations. Em Sherif Restaurant exists in Kuwait's Palms Hotel, Al Maha Island in Doha, Qatar, Damascus at the Four Seasons Hotel, Monte-Carlo at Hotel de Paris and in Harrods in London. Em Sherif Café is currently open in the UAE at Manzil Downtown by Vida in Dubai and West Bay in Abu Dhabi, in Saudi Arabia, Riyadh at The Zone, in Qatar at the Millennium Hotel in Al Sadd, Doha, The Avenues Mall in Kuwait and two locations in Egypt (Waterway 2 and Park Street), in Baghdad at Dijlah Village and recently in Amman, Jordan at Al- Abdeli District. Em Sherif Sea Café launched in Manama, Bahrain earlier this year at the avenues mall, this was followed by Abu Dhabi in October at the Rosewood Hotel and Riyadh is scheduled for the end of 2023. 

As part of its expansion plans, Em Sherif has several openings scheduled in the GCC region and beyond, including Em Sherif Restaurant in Oman and Dubai, Em Sherif Sea Café in Riyadh, and Em Sherif Café in Oman, KSA, Bahrain, and Irbil. Em Sherif has also expanded to Europe by opening in London at Harrods, Monaco at Hotel de Paris and soon in Greece, France and Switzerland. Finally, Em Sherif recently launched its newest concept " Em Sherif - Deli " which offers ready to eat items from its extensive menu. The first outlet started operating in Harrods London in January 2022 and the concept is expected to rapidly expend throughout all the territories in the coming few years.

About Em Sherif Café

Em Sherif Cafe is a new chapter in Em Sherif's story, revealing itself in the form of "a la carte" delicacies and delectable morsels, and inviting customers to rediscover culinary traditions in a new light, filled with innovative creations, radiant smiles, and beautiful shine. The restaurant offers a warm welcome to the ambiance of the perfect Beirut setting, offering authentic Lebanese food, and is delicately ornamented with souvenirs from the Oriental World that will carry Mireille Hayek's personal touches, emphasizing her warm and friendly personality and evoking a community and family environment.