United Arab Emirates: Electric Vehicle (EV) demand in the UAE has grown strong, considering the rising fuel prices. Royal Swiss Auto Services, operating as a vehicle care service provider, is one of the UAE’s first centres to offer a wide range of services for EVs, catering to the evolving market needs.

A study has revealed that the UAE’s EV market is expected to increase at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 150%. With a sharp rise in the need for EVs in the UAE, vehicle care and services demand are expected to magnify. 

Fahad Al Hemeiri, Founder and CEO, Royal Swiss Auto Services, said: “As the demand for EVs surges faster, the need for service centres to assist market needs will grow. Royal Swiss Auto Services is committed to providing the best quality services at the most competitive prices possible.”

“Moreover, the favorable government policies and several other incentives have made the use of EV easier and accessible. There has been a rising penetration towards developing renewable and emission-less vehicles. Measures are done to encourage its usage in the country by increasing the number of charging stations and reserved parking for electric cars in most of the Emirates. The UAE EV market will remain buoyant and further flourish with the support of government entities and the private sector,” he added.

Royal Swiss Auto receives high demand for reparation, car maintenance, programming, body and paint, and much more. Different services at Royal Swiss for EV customers include warranty packages by their sister company MP Warranty - an international class A standard service, and maintenance contracts at the workshop for assistance in monitoring the charging system and lithium battery maintenance, ensuring long-lasting vehicle life.

Customers can also avail of comprehensive insurance plans through Al Ittihad Al Watani, an exclusive reparation in Royal Swiss Auto services, charging installation support and maintenance 24/7, spare parts and experienced technicians’ assistance.

EVs being more economical than conventional cars, their use is growing prevalent in UAE with an advantage that the cost to charge EVs is relatively lower than the filling up fuel in this petrol price-rising market. In the long run, these automobiles are prominently providing better value for money than cars running on petrol. 


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