Dubai, UAE – Amid the bustling corridors of the GITEX technology summit, DeepMinds has carved out a leadership niche for itself. Celebrated as MENA's premier venture builder committed to DeepTech localization, it heralds a new era in the global business arena.

By forging strategic international collaborations, DeepMinds meticulously bridges South Korea, MENA, and Canada. This curated venture building model accentuates its mission: to bolster deep tech transfer, optimize R&D & IP commercialization, and catalyze business expansion in the MENA region.

Founder and CEO, Amine, noted, "At DeepMinds, our vision is grounded in the synthesis of advanced tech and sound business principles. By nurturing a DeepTech validation engine, we’re not just advancing technology but also ensuring its alignment with the MENA market imperatives and its tech localization needs."

The inception of DeepMinds’ Think Tank sets it apart. This dedicated entity, backed by handpicked talents, focuses on rigorous validation processes, ensuring each venture is both technologically robust and market-ready. Their inaugural cohort is emblematic of this, encapsulating ventures from MedTech, smart manufacturing,shipbuilding to quantum computing, emphasizing the brand's dedication to R&D & IP localization.

Dr. Abdenour, the Co-Founder and CTO, shared, "DeepMinds is more than a tech entity. It's a leadership-driven venture builder that marries technological advancements with strategic business foresight. Our focus on localization is not a mere buzzword but a strategy, ensuring technology is contextual and impactful."

With a vision set on the horizon, DeepMinds has unveiled its grand strategy: pioneering the region's first DeepTech venture fund. Beyond mere funding, this initiative represents a robust engine for scaling and commercialization, marking the dawn of a new leadership epoch in the realm of tech-business symbiosis.

Mohan, Co-Founder and CFO, encapsulated the sentiment, "Our venture funding vehicles are more than capital allocation; it's a testament to our commitment to scaling innovations and catapulting the MENA region into the global limelight, reinforcing our position at the forefront of DeepTech commercialization and growth."

With its indomitable spirit and forward-thinking approach, DeepMinds is scripting the future narrative of tech-infused business leadership.


About DeepMinds

DeepMinds™ is a decentralized venture studio specialized in creating, assembling and scaling the deeptech ventures that will elevate the MENA economy and facilitate global advances across strategic sectors. We curate a thriving "Cluster Ecosystem" with a core focus on tech transfer and localization, unifying resources to define and develop the technologies of tomorrow.

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