• Comprehensive training led by hard of hearing trainers on hard of hearing culture and Sign Language communication tips extended to all employees to elevate the shopping experience
  • The move represents Chalhoub Group’s larger commitment to inclusivity and working towards UNSDG Goals on reduced inequalities and decent work and economic growth

UAE, Dubai: Chalhoub Group in partnership with ImInclusive, UAE-born certified disability inclusion social enterprise, installed hearing induction loops across 300 retail stores spanning the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, and Kuwait. The large-scale implementation reaffirms the Group’s commitment to inclusivity while providing an accessible and equitable shopping experience for all customers, including hard of hearing customers who use cochlear implants or hearing aids. In parallel to the installation of the hearing loops across Chalhoub Group’s retail stores, hard of hearing trainers of ImInclusive are conducting staff-wide hard of hearing culture and Sign language communication training, engaging all employees to further enhance the shopping experience for customers.

Installed at customer interaction points, the hearing induction loops – also known as audio-frequency induction loops - are discreetly utilized by customers who require assistive hearing technology, and can be recognized by an international blue signage. The initiative reflects Chalhoub Group’s ongoing efforts in working towards the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals of reducing inequalities and enhancing decent work and economic growth.

Damian Brown, Group Head of Talent Acquisition at Chalhoub Group said: “True inclusivity begins with creating an environment where everyone feels welcome and valued. By installing hearing loops across our stores, we are taking a significant step towards ensuring an inclusive shopping experience for hard of hearing customers. At Chalhoub Group, we are proud to lead the way in promoting accessibility and embracing diversity within the retail industry.”

Hafsa Qadeer, CEO and Founder at ImInclusive commented: “Our long-term partnership with Chalhoub Group is a source of great pride for our inclusive community. Together, we are achieving remarkable milestones. This partnership emphasizes our unwavering dedication to crafting inclusive journeys for both customers and employees with disabilities. Intentional inclusion of all stakeholders plays a pivotal role in the success of any organization.”

Hearing loops systems represent universal access, and are installed in retail stores across UK, USA and 30+ countries under accessibility laws. The technology transmits audio signals wirelessly from sound source to telecoil equipped hearing aids and cochlear implants. This seamless connection to the loop system enables customers to discreetly experience 80% higher sound clarity in over-the-counter communication, announcements, product details, and other pertinent auditory information, eradicating ambient noise, elevating human-centric retail design, and establishing an inclusive environment, welcoming all customers.

Chalhoub Group is planning to expand the hearing loops installations into stores in Jordan, Egypt and India in the near future.


Founded by social entrepreneur Hafsa Qadeer, ImInclusive began as a workplace inclusion community initiative that evolved into UAE’s 1st certified social enterprise connecting people with disabilities (People of Determination) to inclusive employers across MENA. ImInclusive provides action-focused training, tools, and resources to a large network of employers that are committed to the journey of disability inclusion. Incubated with Ma’an Abu Dhabi, Authority of Social Contribution, in 2019, ImInclusive is co-created with Ahmed Qadeer, who is a talented person with disability, living with spina bifida. Today, ImInclusive is a multi-award-winning enterprise recognized by the United Nations, Etisalat E&, Accenture Middle East, Standard Chartered, C3 Companies Creating Change, TiE Dubai, Visa’s She’s Next Competition and more.

Learn more about Iminclusive at www.iminclusive.com or via social media: @iminclusive



For over six decades, Chalhoub Group has been a partner and creator of luxury experiences in the Middle East. The Group, in its endeavour to excel as a hybrid retailer, has reinforced its distribution and marketing services with a portfolio of eight owned brands and over 300 international brands in the luxury, beauty, fashion, and art de vivre categories. More recently, the Group expanded its expertise into new categories of luxury watches, jewellery, and eyewear.

Every step at Chalhoub Group is taken with the customer at heart. Be it constantly reinventing itself or focusing on innovation to provide luxury experiences at over 750+ experiential retail stores, online and through mobile apps, each touch point leads to delighting the customer. 

Today, Chalhoub Group stands for 14,000 skilled and talented professionals across seven countries, whose cohesive efforts have resulted in the Group being ranked third in the Middle East and first in Saudi Arabia as a Great Place to Work®.

To keep the innovation journey going, the Group has set up “The Greenhouse”, which is not just an innovation hub, but also an incubator space and accelerator for start-ups and small businesses in the region and internationally. This is just one of the several initiatives taken by the Group to reinvent itself, catalysed by forward thinking and future proofing. The Group has also been embedding sustainability at the core of its business strategy with a clear commitment towards people, partners and the planet, and by being a member of the United Nations Global Compact Community and signatory of the Women's Empowerment Principles.

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Lea Maalouf
Head of Media Relations and Public Affairs