Saudi Arabia, Jeddah:  The Saudi Arabian food manufacturer, seller and distributor SASAFCO, with operations across the Middle East, has announced its new initiative, part of its Game changer Strategy, that focuses on the creation of stronger distribution points.

With route planning and route optimization, SADAFCO is taking the next step in making distribution more future-ready, optimized, and efficient. Identifying the most cost-efficient route will add productivity and flexibility to these complex processes.

Patrick Stillhart, CEO, SADAFCO said: “With optimization, we will be able to serve more consumers and manage our sales strategies more effectively. Streamlining our processes using technology. Tools like sales force automation, supplier management systems, and sales operational planners are all critical elements to improve the accuracy and efficiency of downstream distribution.”

The most important promoter of routes optimization operations is the Information Management & Development Department. Route planning is one of the most essential elements of any effective sales strategy. It entails mapping out the routes taken in order to schedule their visits in the most efficient and effective way possible while also following achievable constraints and business demands.

Our team is focused on managing the routes optimization project thoroughly to ensure the best possible journey plans for each depot. Data is gathered and variables like the salesperson's working hours, days off, and the maximum number of customers per day are taken into consideration before the data is processed" he said.

Given the level of logistics involved, route optimization ensures the best possible travel arrangements by focusing on managing the territory to avoid overlapping areas, saving teams time and using it effectively to have more service time during each visit and minimal travel time. Additionally, it helps to achieve customer satisfaction and optimize travel time while reducing fuel consumption, as well as target important customers.

With route optimization and other sustainable initiatives, SADAFCO strives to ensure the future of future generations by achieving sustainable development and protecting the environment.