The company organizes an annual celebration to celebrate a year of achievements with the company’s employees, explaining that the company has an ambitious plan to expand the real estate market during the coming period, said to Dr. Abdel Hamid El Wazir, Chairman of Arabisk Real Estate Development Company and Chairman of the Support and Follow-up Committee of the New Cairo Developers Association.

He added that the company is expanding its projects by moving towards building integrated urban communities, as the company obtained 3 plots of land to build compounds on in New Cairo. The company also intends to expand in establishing commercial and administrative units, by establishing 4 malls during the coming period.

He continued that the company has achieved many achievements over the past 10 years, as the company was able to deliver more than 100 real estate projects, with investments exceeding one billion pounds, as Arabesque is one of the leading companies in the real estate sector in New Cairo, due to its commitment to delivering its projects with high quality of architectural designs. Arabic, the highest quality of finishes, and various payment systems to suit all customers.

He stressed that the real estate market is witnessing many developments during the coming period, explaining that the real estate sector is a safe haven for investment, and this is due to the increase in the value of the property annually by no less than 30%, which makes the demand for real estate increase continuously.