InvestGlass, the Swiss fintech specialist for sales and automation, announced on February 1st this year its partnership with Arab Bank (Switzerland) Ltd.

After 30 months of collaborative efforts, ABS - Arab Bank (Switzerland) Ltd - has chosen InvestGlass’s solution for its digital on boarding, client life cycle management, portfolio management and client portal.

InvestGlass CEO Alexandre Gaillard said: “ABS is the first private bank to give such support to build a whole new banking fintech. We are glad that our collaboration with the bank will deliver faster tools to open complex bank accounts and deliver superior advisory services”. 

This customized, end-to end solution will allow ABS to offer a superior client experience while staying ahead of innovative client centric technologies without neglecting security, privacy or client facing interactions.

It will also enable advisors to quickly and efficiently analyse portfolio risk and capture opportunities in order to offer individualised financial advice in-line with the latest regulations. ***

About Arab Bank (Switzerland) Ltd
Founded in 1962, Arab Bank Switzerland has a recognized Swiss bank status. Arab Bank Switzerland is subject to all Swiss banking laws, rules and regulations and is supervised by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA).

Arab Bank Switzerland is an independent sister company of Arab Bank plc. To this end, Arab Bank Switzerland can draw upon a wide network of branches in the Arab world and in major financial centres around the globe.

Arab Bank Switzerland has approximately 19,316 shareholders, mainly in the Middle East. The ratio of our shareholders’ equity is well above the standard set by Swiss and international monetary supervisory bodies, bearing witness to the Bank’s excellent capitalisation.

About InvestGlass

InvestGlass is #1 Swiss automation solution for sales and compliance. The Swiss sovereign cloud solution offers a suite of automation tools that makes sales more productive. InvestGlass is built around 5 pillars digital onboarding, CRM, portfolio management, marketing automation and investor portal.

With InvestGlass, companies can onboard clients quickly and easily, keep track of their investment portfolios, and market services more effectively. InvestGlassleverages latest AI technology such as GPT3 to bring banks’ productivity to the next level 

InvestGlass code is proprietary and Swiss. This positioning is ideal for banks, brokers, or any industrial entities looking for a “non-US CRM” which they can host on their server. 

The company hires 50 people. InvestGlass was founded in 2014 and is incorporated in Geneva Switzerland. InvestGlass is fully privately owned. InvestGlass is now opening operation in the Gulf region bringing the best of private banking and neobank knowledge to the Emriates and beyond.