Cairo:  Amazon Egypt today announced its blueprint to increase workplace inclusivity for persons with disabilities in Egypt. With its launch coinciding with the International Day of Persons with Disabilities, the blueprint is a comprehensive framework of on-the-job accommodations, policies and inclusion training, that is designed to create a best-in-class employee experience for this talent pool.

The National Agenda for Sustainable Development and Egypt's Vision 2030 include several policies for persons with disabilities, who are considered an important component of the country’s human wealth. Supporting the Egyptian government’s efforts to integrate persons with disabilities into society and improve their quality of life, Amazon’s initiatives will help them gain meaningful employment and support their livelihood. The company’s approach to nurturing an inclusive workplace across its corporate and operations’ sites includes identifying unique needs and delivering personalized support to allow full and equal participation, from job search to employment.

Omar Elsahy, General Manager, Amazon Egypt said, “With our inclusion blueprint, we are both proud and humbled to do the right thing and contribute towards an equitable and inclusive society in Egypt that embraces and empowers persons with disabilities. Recognizing the Egyptian government’s conviction that when persons with disabilities are provided with equal opportunities, they are exactly as effective participants in the community as anyone else. We remain deliberate to do the right thing, be truly inclusive in nurturing an environment that expands the horizons for this gifted group of individuals. At Amazon, we are proud that our employees represent these values and the diverse communities in which the company operates.”

The company’s regional blueprint for creating an inclusive and equitable employee experience for persons with disabilities covers three pillars:

•     Deploying global standards for on-the-job accommodations encompassing both physical and technology-based assistance such as real-time translation to sign language, screen reader and magnification tools, voice dictation software; and training in basic workplace skills including team engagement, public speaking and interpersonal skills.

•     Empowering policies and benefits that provide options such as flexible working hours, choice of location and upskilling and reskilling programs to support access to a variety of roles.

•     Fostering a culture of inclusion through workshops and trainings to sensitise managers and existing employees, creating an environment where employees with disabilities are able to thrive and advance their careers.

Former parkour enthusiast, Mohamed ElNemr, who found a new career path in Amazon Egypt following an accident that left him with a broken backbone said this about his experience working as a Customer Service Associate at Amazon Egypt, “I was determined to be independent, but I knew it wouldn’t be easy. Amazon’s deliberate and very considerate accommodations for employees with any kind of disability has provided me with 360-degree support to start a new career. The company takes an individualized approach to identifying our exact needs and then making sure we have the tools, technology and accessibility that we need to do our jobs to the best of our abilities. I wish to inspire other persons with disabilities in Egypt to not put their plans on hold, but to explore the opportunities out there and never give up on their dreams.”

Ali Reda, Customer Service Associate at Amazon Egypt, who has a mobility impairment said, “Working at Amazon has unlocked new skills and capabilities that would have been difficult without the company’s accommodations and inclusive culture. Here, I have access to a holistic system that supports me on many fronts – from the physical infrastructure to technical and social empowerment – making my work more effective. I feel motivated to reach my goals, not just because of the various trainings and opportunities offered, but also because of the great community of colleagues and mentors that provides continuous support.”

Amazon in Egypt continues to build diversity, inclusivity and equity in its workplace through initiatives that aim to level the playing field for all kinds of employees. By integrating such inclusive policies across its operations, the company is focused on ensuring that employees reflect the communities they serve.