Abu Dhabi - Alef Education, a UAE-based leading global education provider, signed a teaming agreement with Syncogate Edtech, a digital education technology company, to impart technical expertise and knowledge in the rapidly evolving global education technology sector. Under this strategic partnership, the two companies will work closely to meet the growing demands for digital education by providing students with an all-encompassing digital learning capability that will ensure their learning is never again interrupted by unforeseen events across Asia and Australia.

The five-year agreement, which was signed by Geoffrey Alphonso, CEO at Alef Education, and Ian Moffitt, Chairman of Syncogate EdTech at Alef Education’s HQ in Abu Dhabi on 3rd October 2022, involves the distribution of educational platforms of both the organizations and the collaboration on development of personalized products. The first phase will concentrate on K-12 segment. The two companies have also agreed to explore and co-develop new vocational training career solutions based on AI, AR and VR in China to make learning efficient for those seeking a new career as well as more conducive to cultural and linguistic differences, which can be an obstacle in current vocational learning environments.

Commenting after the signing ceremony, Geoffrey Alphonso, CEO at Alef Education said, “The educational system has undergone significant transformations thanks to cutting-edge technology, particularly following the COVID-19 outbreak that necessitated remote learning. Our mission at Alef Education is to establish an online and AI-based education system that meets the needs and requirements of educators. And this partnership with Syncogate reflects our efforts to build products, presence, and capabilities that will establish a unique model in the education technology sphere. We believe that the partnership is in the best interest of both companies as it will encourage exchanging knowledge and experiences through mutual collaboration regionally and globally.”

Ian Moffitt, Chairman, Syncogate EdTech said, “Alef Education and Syncogate EdTech are committed to transforming global education and our teaming will provide us with a highly sort after package that will cover all aspects of what constituents in academia from ministries to schools, teachers and students require to elevate education to the 21st century and overcome unforeseen events, like pandemics.”  

The partnership provides a comprehensive package for ministries, schools, students, and their parents and will give them access to affordable laptops, iPads, tablets, portable computers, cloud and in-school printing, including 3D, highly secure data storage, eShop awards, and ultimately a Crypto currency fund that will help parents pay for their children's future educational expenses.

With the help of this strategic partnership, both companies aim to improve the learning experience by leveraging technologically advanced solutions that utilize artificial intelligence, virtual and augmented features, and gamification to provide more engaging, entertaining, and rewarding education experiences for students and teachers alike.

The flagship platform of Alef Education supports teachers by delivering engaging, gamified content that aligns specifically with their curriculum, assisting in grading and student management. Since inception, it has impacted over 4,000 schools and transformed learning for 670,000 students.


About Alef Education 

Alef Education is a leading global education technology company that is at the forefront of using artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to create personalised learning experiences that transform the way the world is educated.  

Alef Education, with its three products, the Alef Platform, Abjadiyat, and Arabits, has a growing presence in key education markets worldwide, such as the United Arab Emirates, United States of America, Indonesia and Egypt. The award-winning Alef Platform provides AI-powered learning and teaching solutions that leverage real-time data to drive improvements across the education ecosystem. Abjadiyat is an Arabic language learning platform that offers engaging and interactive content from kindergarten to grade 4. Arabits is a complete Arabic language learning system for non-native speakers that helps students of all ages learn, practice, and improve their Arabic-language skills, powered by AI.

For more information, visit www.alefeducation.com and www.syncogate.com.

About Syncogate EdTech  

Syncogate EdTech is a world class education technology company that has a learning management system (LMS) utilising artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to provide students with a personalised learning tutor.  This tutor is designed to support the student during any unforeseen downturn or failure in their education program when events occur, like pandemics. It is also able, to assess and identify if a student mastered all they were taught in class, and rectify any failure to understand, whilst also allowing a student to learn how easy and rewarding it can be, to lift their academic ability to excellent.   

We refer to the LMS as the GATE Platform and one very important aspect of the overall strategy encapsulated in GATE is the incredibly extensive Parental-Assist dashboard that provides parents with so much detail relevant to their child’s learning progress, problems identified and rectified, academic levels achieved, rewards earned and much more.    Other key ingredients in the success of the GATE Platform are the use of high-quality gamification, cartoons, videos, quizzes and assessment exercises.  The addition of rewarding effort and striving competitively for excellence is a very definite way to encourage students to enjoy applying additional effort in their academic journey.         

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