Dubai – Al Laith, a leading provider of project solutions and services in the Middle East, is proud to announce its strategic alliance with Pilosio in deploying the groundbreaking FlyDeck system. This partnership signifies the first-ever deployment of FlyDeck in the region, marking a pivotal moment in the construction industry's evolution.

With a legacy of innovation and excellence, Al Laith joins forces with Pilosio to pioneer the introduction of FlyDeck technology in the Middle East. The partnership's primary focus lies in advancing construction practices in the region and will play a pivotal role in key construction projects.

Al Laith, with a rich history and a proven track record of success in the Middle East for 30 years, brings its unparalleled expertise in construction and engineering to this landmark project. “We are delighted that a global leader like Pilosio which is well known for their cutting-edge innovation for access solutions, has chosen Al Laith to bring its industry-leading suspended access solution, FlyDeck to market. This partnership allows us to bring a new way of access into the market, which saves our clients critical time on projects, ” Jason English - CEO of Al Laith Group.

Key Highlights of the Collaboration:

Innovative Construction Solutions: Pilosio’s FlyDeck System is a revolutionary suspended access system designed for its adaptability and speed.

Technical Excellence: Al Laith's extensive experience and technical prowess in construction and engineering will synergise seamlessly with Pilosio's FlyDeck innovative solution. The collaboration leverages the strengths of both companies to achieve unparalleled technical excellence.

Commitment to Sustainability: Both Al Laith and Pilosio share a commitment to sustainability. The collaboration will incorporate environmentally friendly practices in the construction process, aligning with global standards for green building initiatives.

Al Laith is excited about the partnership with Pilosio, representing a significant milestone in the regional construction and industrial access industry. This partnership brings together two industry leaders. Al Laith is proud to be part of this transformative partnership and looks forward to the successful execution of several projects.

Nereo Parisotto, Chairman of Pilosio Group, emphasised their commitment to developing a suspended access system that excels in safety, lightweight construction, ease of assembly, and environmental sustainability. ‘’It is with great pride that we see Al Laith, a renowned company in the Middle East, recognising these core values inherent in our FlyDeck system from the outset. The partnership for this project and beyond reflects a shared dedication to excellence, innovation and mutual goals.’’

About Al Laith Group

Al Laith Group is a leading provider of diverse project solutions and services in the Middle East. With a strong presence in the UAE, Oman, Qatar and Saudi Arabia, the company specialises in designing, engineering, project managing, constructing, and renting a variety of products for large-scale events and complex construction projects. Affiliated with CG Tech, an international group, Al Laith is committed to deploying innovative solutions that ensure the success of its clients.

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