DUBAI: As illustrated in the Regional Outlook for Banking and Capital Markets 2024 report, regional IPO growth is expected to come in three phases. Firstly, through the continued privatisation of state-related entities, followed by listings by family-owned companies and latterly, FinTech and tech-enabled start-ups.

Driven by a convergence of state and private IPO listings, a subsequent increase in financial services fees and a growing population of high-net-worth individuals, Dubai’s tax-efficient and demonstrably resilient economy has not only bolstered the emirate’s appeal for foreign direct investment, but provided a valuable incentive for banks, brokerages, and law firms to either shore up their presence, or establish one.

Commenting on the report’s findings, Arif Amiri, Chief Executive Officer, DIFC Authority, said, “Driven by the surge in IPOs, capital markets across the MENA region have experienced remarkable expansion, driven by reforms aimed at enhancing market infrastructure and fostering greater foreign and regional investment inflows. With its strategic initiatives and robust regulatory framework, DIFC plays a pivotal role in driving innovation and stimulating growth within the financial sector. Dubai’s IPO boom underscores the city’s status as a thriving hub for capital markets, and DIFC’s role in enabling this acceleration through the firms that drive capital markets and provide advisory services for IPOs will continue to contribute to the dynamic evolution of global finance.”