With preparations in full swing for the 15th edition of the Abu Dhabi World Professional Jiu-Jitsu Championship, set to kick off on 1st November at Mubadala Arena, champions from across the world are eagerly preparing for what they consider a dream destination. Thousands of international competitors, including emerging stars, youth, masters, professionals, and participants in the para jiu-jitsu category, are gearing up to converge in the UAE capital, all vying for one of the most coveted titles in the sport.

The championship will see the participation of 6,000 athletes, both male and female, hailing from 100 countries worldwide. Notable clubs and academies from nations such as the UAE, the UK, the US, Brazil, Colombia, Kazakhstan, Germany, France, and Canada, all renowned for their excellence in the world of jiu-jitsu, will be represented. Additionally, athletes from countries like Jordan, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, South Korea, the Philippines, and Thailand have achieved remarkable success in this sport in a relatively short period, will be present.

“The Abu Dhabi World Professional Jiu-Jitsu Championship has a well-deserved position as the largest and most important international jiu-jitsu event,” said Mohamed Salem Al Dhaheri, Deputy Chairman of the UAE Jiu-Jitsu Federation and Chairman of the Championship Organising Committee, said. “Over the past years, the event has contributed to reshaping the sport of jiu-jitsu on a global level and elevating the game to the pinnacle of martial arts sports. Jiu-jitsu has gained immense popularity worldwide, prompting countries to develop plans and strategies to promote the sport and nurture professional athletes. Many are looking to Abu Dhabi's inspiring experience in sports development as a model to emulate.”

Al Dhaheri added, “The fifteenth edition of the ADWPJJC is a dream event for global stars as it continues the path of incredible successes achieved by previous editions, and this year’s edition excels in both quantity and quality, attracting elite competitors who share the spirit of challenge, determination, will, and dreams.”

He also noted the record-breaking levels of registration for the competitions, with participation exceeding the 60 percent mark, six weeks before the tournament begins. This makes it imperative for those wishing to secure their place in the annals of this premier global jiu-jitsu event to complete their registration promptly to avoid any challenges due to the unprecedented demand from participants worldwide.

Adriano Munoz, Head Coach and Lead Athlete at Atrixion MMA Academy in Dubai, said, “As a foreign coach based in the UAE, the Abu Dhabi World Professional Jiu-Jitsu Championship stands out as the most prestigious event for us. We have a multitude of top athletes training at our facilities, including athletes from Colombia, Brazil, Spain, and India, who are eagerly anticipating their participation in the championship this November.”

“For our athletes, particularly those from Brazil and Spain, this championship holds immense significance. It is considered the pinnacle of jiu-jitsu tournaments, offering a platform to showcase their skills against the world’s finest competitors. We view it as the ultimate opportunity for them to gain recognition and strive for excellence.”