British pop star Robbie Williams is offering his services as a "celebrity protester" in Switzerland, where he lives, posting a tongue in cheek picture of himself on social media demonstrating against a local roundabout.

On his Instagram account, the former "Take That" frontman posted a picture of himself standing on the side of a small road wearing shorts, flipflops and a baseball cap and holding up a sign stating: "Say no to roundabouts".

Swiss media suggested the roundabout behind him, planted with flowers and greenery and with mountains in the background, was in the luxury Alpine resort town of Gstaad.

In an adjacent video, he is seen holding the same sign in the middle of the roundabout, shouting "No more roundabouts! No more roundabouts!" as the occasional car drives past.

"I am offering my services as a paid celebrity protester," wrote Williams, who reportedly recently moved to Gstaad after putting a luxury property on the outskirts of Geneva up for sale.

"I will protest anything," he continued, promising "competitive rates. Cheaper than Justin Timberlake, Bruno Mars and way cheaper than Bieber."

He meanwhile suggested that his opposition to roundabouts came from the heart.

"Someone had to say it. I just want to be on the right side of history," he wrote.