Tunisia - The number of unemployed people in Q4 of 2022 stands at 624,600 against 613,600 in Q3, figures released Wednesday by the National Institute of Statistics (French: INS) show.

Despite the observed upward trend, the unemployment rate dropped to 15.2% compared to 15.3% in Q3 as a result of the increase seen in the workforce.

Unemployment rates by gender show a slight decline for men (12.9 % against 13.2 % in Q3), while dropping to 20.1 % against 20.4 % in Q3 for women.

Likewise, 38.8% of the working population in the 15-24 age bracket were jobless in Q4 of 2022 in comparison with 37.8% in Q3. The gender breakdown shows the rate stands at 38.6 % for young men and 39.1 % for young women.

The unemployment rate among university graduates fell to 24% in Q4 compared to 24.3% in Q3. This rate stands at 15.7% for men and 30.8% for women.

In Q4, the active population rose from 4,011,7 to 4,124,2 in Q3 (+ 112,500 people). This is shared out as follows: 3,499,6 employed people and 624,600 unemployed.

According to gender breakdown, the working population is as follows: 2,848,9 men and 1,275,3 women, that is respectively 69% and 31% of the entire working population.

This means a 1.2 percentage points increase in the activity rate in Q4 which reached 46.5% of the working age population (over 15) compared to 45.3% in the three-month period .

The number of employed people grew to 3,499,6 in Q4 of 2022 against 3,398,1 in Q3 (+101,500).

This population is unevenly distributed: 2,480,9 men against 1,018,7 women, i.e. respectively 71% and 29% of the employed labour force.

The distribution of employed people is as follows: 53% in services, 20% in manufacturing industries, 13% in non-manufacturing industries and 14% in agriculture and fishing.

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