Egypt’s Minister of Local Development Hisham Amna has announced that the ministry directed EGP 12.3bn to local development projects this fiscal year (from July to mid-November 2022), which constitutes 48% of the total allocations during the year, which are estimated at EGP 29bn.

The current finance was used to support urgent and emergency needs of the governorates and to complete projects that have been started in the field of extending and strengthening electricity and lighting networks, paving roads, improving environment, security, fire fighting, and traffic.

The minister explained that the rates of project implementation in the governorates ranged between 35% and 94%.

The Minister of Local Development noted that the plan adhered to a set of standards regarding the developed projects, the most important of which is encouraging investment, achieving environmental sustainability, and gender-responsive projects. in addition to the priority of directing investments to green projects and projects that take into account the rights of women, children and people of determination.

Amna pointed out that the plan for the current fiscal year allocated EGP 8.4bn for projects in Upper Egypt governorates, EGP 7.7bn for the governorates of Greater Cairo, EGP 2.6bn for the governorates of Alexandria, EGP 2.7bn for the governorates of the Delta region, and EGP 5.5bn for the Sinai region, and EGP 2.1bn for the governorates of the Suez Canal region.

He further elaborated that about 31% of those investments relate to road projects, 30% for environmental improvement services, and 14% for services to support the needs of local units, in addition to 12% for electricity services, 7% for security, firefighting and traffic services, 6% for bridges and tunnels services, paving roads to connect villages and cities within the scope of the governorates, facilitating the process of moving and transporting products and facilitating the process of commercial exchange to raise the economic situation and paving local roads in all governorates of the Republic.

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