AMMAN — A quiet revolution is underway in Jordan as consumers pivot their demand toward locally made products, compelling international brands that declared their support for the Israeli occupation to employ tactics to recoup lost demand.

This consumer behaviour shift is reshaping Jordan’s economic landscape and spreading throughout the global market, according to sector representatives, who also noted that international media outlets reported a drop in certain brands’ stocks in light of advocates in the Arab region urging nations to cease “financing the killing of Palestinians through their purchases”.

Consequently, many brands that previously endorsed the occupation are now scrambling to win back their clientele by offering free products and discounts.

A purchasing manager at one of Amman’s supermarkets told The Jordan Times that shelves stocked with local products are bare, while international brands are in abundance and expected to reach their expiration dates.

“The recent surge in support for local products in Jordan has been a game-changer. Consumers are no longer making choices solely based on brand recognition or convenience,” the source emphasised.

The source also stressed that local brands must meet the surging demand, noting that this is a golden opportunity for them to garner recognition and expand.

“Consumers are willing to try new brands, give local brands a chance, and develop loyalty to Jordanian brands,” the source explained. “The government is also urged to facilitate investment in Jordan and encourage investors to do so, as this will have a positive impact on the economy.”

Economist Khaled Salameh shared his insights with The Jordan Times, highlighting that if this trend continues; it will be a game-changer for the local economy.

“This is shifting the supply-demand equation and compelling international brands to reevaluate their strategies,” Salameh added.

Salameh urged local brands to seize this opportunity and turn it into success.

“People are now more willing than ever to invest in local brands,” Salameh said.

Although international brands have invested decades into marketing efforts to convince consumers of their quality, consumers are willing to compromise on quality for their “moral and ethical duties towards their Palestinian brothers”.

Raha Omar, a 58-year-old Jordanian, told The Jordan Times that Jordanians are now making deliberate choices to support local businesses in response to international brands taking political stances.

“I used to purchase certain international brands without much thought, but when they declared their support for the occupation, I couldn’t continue to support them,” Omar added.

Jordanians want their children to grow up in a world where their consumption choices reflect their values, said Omar.

Omar also said that beyond the political aspect, she observed that many of the products she used to buy were unhealthy.

“Since I started buying local alternatives, I’ve discovered that they are often of very good quality and better prices than international ones, it’s a win-win situation,” Omar said.

Hassan Ayesh, a father of three, told The Jordan Times that when he was a child, local products were the norm.

“It’s heartening to witness a return to those days. Supporting local businesses not only bolsters our economy but also preserves our national identity. I hope this trend continues to grow and inspires change beyond our borders,” Ayesh expressed.

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