AMMAN — President of the Economic and Social Council (ESC) Mousa Shteiwi on Tuesday highlighted the importance of the Economic Modernisation Vision as a fundamental pillar in adopting Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) technologies.

Shtewi’s remarks came during a press briefing held as part of the Government Communication Forum, which was attended by Secretary General of the Ministry of Government Communication Zaid Nawaiseh, along with other ministry officials and media representatives.

The discussion centred around the “State of the Country, the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the Labour Market” report, which aims to assess the readiness of various sectors, including public, private, and educational, to thrive in the 4IR era. It also evaluates the country’s digital infrastructure preparedness for the enabling technologies of the 4IR.

The report further explores the skills necessary for the 4IR and underscores the need to enhance the country’s digital and technological adoption capabilities.

Shteiwi emphasised that the 4IR, fueled by artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things (IoT), and advanced robotics, is characterised by a rapid pace of change that merges the physical and digital worlds.

He also noted that while the Kingdom has made decisive strides towards adopting the 4IR, it still faces challenges due to a lack of sustainable economic growth, which is vital for creating new job opportunities.

Shteiwi pointed out that the wave of the Fourth Industrial Revolution is spreading rapidly, with countries actively participating in 4IR technological breakthroughs, which are now a national priority.

Reflecting on the prerequisites of the 4IR, Shteiwi emphasised that Jordan faces several challenges, including inadequate infrastructure, limited mobile Internet coverage or network access, particularly in rural areas, and a shortage of necessary skills and financial resources.

He added that apart from financial institutions, banks, and large-scale industries, the majority of establishments still utilise technologies typical of the Third Industrial Revolution.

Shteiwi stressed the need for a strategic national framework that paves the way for the adoption of 4IR technologies, adding that investing in 4IR-related education and improving infrastructure are key elements that facilitate the adoption of 4IR in the country.

The report also recommended that the government should focus on a transformational agenda that addresses the barriers hindering the adoption of the 4IR.

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