The Federal Tax Authority (FTA) has called on resident juridical persons subject to Corporate Tax and with licences issued in March and April (irrespective of the licence issuance year) to submit their Corporate Tax registration applications by June 30, 2024, to avoid violating tax legislation.

In a press release today, the FTA emphasised the necessity to adhere to the Federal Tax Authority Decision No. (3) of 2024, effective from March 1, which established deadlines for taxpayers subject to Corporate Tax to submit registration applications.

The FTA highlighted that according to Cabinet Decision No. (75) of 2023 on administrative penalties for violations of Federal Decree Law (47) of 2022 on the Taxation of Corporations and Businesses and its amendments, administrative penalties are imposed on those who fail to submit Corporate Tax registration applications within the specified timeframes outlined in the FTA’s Decision.

The FTA stated that the specified periods for submitting Corporate Tax registration applications include both resident and non-resident juridical persons, as well as natural persons.

The FTA clarified that a resident natural person conducting business or business activities within the UAE during 2024 or subsequent years, with total earned revenues exceeding AED 1 million within a Georgian calendar year, must submit their Corporate Tax registration application by March 31 of the following Georgian calendar year. On this basis, the deadline for submitting registration applications for resident natural persons conducting business or business activity in the country during Georgian calendar year 2024 and whose total earned revenues for 2024 exceed AED 1 million is March 31, 2025

The FTA added that a non-resident natural person conducting business activities within the UAE during 2024 or subsequent years, and whose total earned revenues exceed AED 1 million, must submit their corporate tax registration application within three months of meeting the corporate tax eligibility criteria.