The UAE Cyber Security Council (CSC UAE) and Microsoft have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to enhance cooperation and collaboration in the field of cybersecurity. The MoU outlines a framework for the two parties to work together towards the establishment of a secure global information society.

Commenting on the MoU, Mohammed Hamad Al Kuwaiti, Head of Cyber Security for the Government of the UAE, expressed his pleasure to have Microsoft joining the Council’s efforts to establish a secure and global information community. He said that the MoU is an important step toward building a strong cybersecurity framework that would protect critical infrastructure and prevent cyberthreats.

Al Kuwaiti explained that information and communication technologies (ICTs) have opened new windows of opportunities for socioeconomic development, but they have also introduced new types of threats, such as cybercrimes, cyberespionage, and cyberterrorism. He added that these threats are becoming increasingly sophisticates and require a coordinated response from all stakeholders.

“Over the past few years, organisations across the region have made significant changes to their cybersecurity strategy to accommodate the growing number of users needing access to mission critical data and applications,” said Naim Yazbeck, General Manager, Microsoft UAE. “This has resulted in a new wave of threats that are targeting organisations across industries. We are committed to working with CSC UAE to enhance cybersecurity capabilities across the UAE and share knowledge to help prevent cyber threats. This MoU is a testament to our commitment to promoting a secure global information society.”

Under the terms of the MoU, Microsoft and CSC UAE will cooperate and conduct information exchanges in cybersecurity-related fields, with particular attention to national cooperation, deterrence, prevention, and responses to cyber-attacks. The two parties will also work together to promote awareness-building through educational programmes, as well as exploring business and economic exchanges for cybersecurity.

The agreement is also expected to foster greater collaboration between CSC UAE and Microsoft in the field of cybersecurity and promote the exchange of best practices and expertise to prevent and respond to cyber threats.