SHARJAH - American University of Sharjah (AUS) and Waseela, a leading master systems integrator specialising in large-scale information and communications technology projects across the Middle East, have united their expertise to advance engineering education and innovation in the field of Internet of Things (IoT) in a recent on-campus Memorandum of Agreement ceremony.

The collaboration, which operates within the framework of the AUS Engineering Al Nukhba (Elite) Programme, will see Waseela supporting the training of AUS students through internships, providing invaluable hands-on experience to complement academic learning and meet graduation requirements.

Both parties will collaborate to jointly supervise selected capstone and research projects, facilitating industry-relevant research and fostering innovation. AUS and Waseela will collaborate on joint research and development projects, driving innovation and pushing the boundaries of technological advancement.

"As we embrace the era of interconnected devices and smart technologies, our collaboration with Waseela signifies a transformative step in our commitment to cultivating IoT expertise within our engineering students. Together, we're not only bridging the gap between academia and industry but shaping the architects of tomorrow's interconnected world," said Dr. Fadi Aloul, Dean of the College of Engineering at AUS.

"This partnership signifies our commitment to fostering the development of future engineers whose skills are tailored to meet the demands of the industry. Our involvement aims to empower these promising individuals with the ability to innovate within complex and dynamic fields such as IoT," said Bilal Al Anani, Chief Executive Officer of Waseela.