Egypt - Soha Gendy, from the Ministry of State for Emigration and Egyptian Expatriates’ Affairs, announced the imminent launch of a mobile application dedicated to Egyptians living abroad. She described it as the inaugural application for overseas citizens on smartphones, serving as an innovative channel for Egyptians to connect with their homeland and underscoring the government’s commitment to addressing their needs.

Gendy elaborated that the app will serve as a central hub for all services rendered by governmental entities to Egyptians overseas, encompassing financial services and ID documentation, as well as the exhibition of commodities and products they wish to acquire.

These developments were discussed during the Minister of Emigration’s meeting with Allam Abdel Aziz, representing the Egyptian diaspora in Poland, to consider his suggestions concerning the community and to address the challenges they encounter. The meeting was attended by Amr Abbas, Assistant Minister of Emigration for Community Affairs; Doaa Qadry, Chief of the Central Administration for the Minister’s Office; Salma Abdel Nasser, Assistant Minister of Emigration for Community and International Organization Affairs; and Karim Hassan, Media Consultant to the Ministry of Emigration.

At the outset, the Minister of Emigration expressed her dedication to hearing ideas from Egyptians overseas to benefit the Egyptian nation, aligning with its strategic vision for 2030, and understanding the difficulties faced by expatriate communities.

The Minister also voiced her commitment to continually offering more benefits and incentives to Egyptians abroad across various sectors, considering them a fundamental component of national construction and attaining sustainable development objectives.

In the course of the meeting, the Minister was apprised of several challenges confronting the Egyptian community in Poland, notably legal predicaments encountered by Egyptians married to European spouses and their scant familiarity with European legal systems, coupled with the call for a handbook on European laws for Egyptians contemplating emigration.

In response, Gendy suggested reaching out to the Egyptian embassy to disseminate links elucidating the laws governing employment and domestic matters in host countries. The embassy is set to aggregate these links within the new app, facilitating easy access for Egyptians during the early stages of their settlement abroad.

Moreover, she clarified that organising Egyptian exhibitions overseas necessitates collaboration with the relevant Egyptian authorities in charge of such events. She commended the initiative to stage an Egyptian expo in Poland to exhibit Egyptian artisanal crafts, in partnership with event organisers and firms to ensure smooth coordination with the Polish counterparts.

Gendy concluded by emphasizing the Ministry’s unwavering focus on the aspirations and requirements of Egyptians abroad, striving to provide unwavering support in concert with the pertinent state Ministries and agencies.

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